Chick Flicks and Space Travel

After my son left home for college and marriage, the detente that existed in my home was upset by the lack of parity in the masculine and feminine genders.  In short, my wife and daughter outvoted me at the video rental store on a weekly basis.  We watched a lot of chick flicks in those days.

Searching through the cupboard a few days ago, I came across the DVD of my daughter’s favorite all time movie.  And I was reminded of a short passage in the movie that seems pertinent to these days.

A lot of my time lately has been spent in wrangling discussions about writing down plans for the future which are contentious and ill defined.  Probably explains why I have not been updating the blog much lately.  

Anyway, just in a wistful mode, here is the pop culture snippet that has been on my mind recently:

“I. Q.”  Paramount Picture, 1994; starring Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau, Tom Robbins

Ed Walters (Tom Robbins) says:


“Any journey in life, if not done for human reasons with understanding and love would be empty and lonely.  It’s something worth remembering as nuclear-powered spacecraft may soon make the ancient dream of traveling to the edge of the universe and back a reality.  The source of that power is the very source that fuels the stars themselves and in doing so fuels our imaginations and our dreams.”