What On Earth?

Many of you may be thinking: “NASA does Earth science?  I thought you blast robots to Mars, send astronauts to the space station, and build all of those great orbiting telescopes.”  Sure, we do all that.

But in fact, NASA is also the leading funder of Earth research in the United States. The agency has more earth scientists on staff than any other institution in the world. We’d like to tell you more about their work.

The “What On Earth” blog is composed by the science writers, producers, and educators who cover NASA from the inside. We are former journalists and scientists; communications majors and science majors; news hounds and would-be poets. We work with NASA-funded scientists to tell their stories; periodically they will write for themselves in this forum.

Our goal is to provide glimpses of the everydays of Earth science — the field campaigns, lab experiments, technology development – that illuminate the work behind the breakthroughs. We hope to share the evolution of scientific thinking and debates, and the practical application of NASA science in society. Most of all, we want to share the fun we have watching science in progress.

–Mike Carlowicz, NASA’s Earth Science News Team

7 thoughts on “What On Earth?”

  1. I am certainly not proud of the efforts by NASA of using its funding for Earth science when that money rightfully belongs in aeronautical and space research and exploration. (By the way, I don’t really care under what mandates NASA is forced to do this either.)

    This is a function that should be properly funded under the auspices of NOAA. No wonder there is so much infighting among NASA centers over the proper role that NASA should be playing. Maybe we should just change NASA’s charter so that the acronym would read NESA, National Earth Sciences Administration.

  2. I would love to travel with you guys some day. My dream is to become the youngest person to be in space. I am sixteen years old.

  3. Does anyone think of Global Warming? I have a theory, but I must complete my research before I go out and talk about it. A hint though- it is linked to posistive water vapor feedback. I am a skeptic. I must disagree with the IPCC, or why they were created anyway. I think Global Warming is a Natural Cycle. But- do people hurt earth’s natural cycle by dumping CO2 into the air?

  4. In recent neighborhood for humanity, people birth, grow, mature, then pass away. We seems in the jungle or even around zoo, need a kindly touch of sensibility. Maybee breeding seems so strange in limited space of placement and any other capabilities.
    Please give us back to normal life, trust, believe, and serve to God, as creator.

  5. hi wat you think about this
    if we made a limit on petrol using and make it compulsary that turnoff the engine on signal.

    make the hydrogen as a feul in cheap prices so we can save our earth!!!!!!!!!!

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