Tour NASA's New Climate Reel

We’re less than two weeks away from the United Nation’s long awaited Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. In anticipation of the event, NASA has compiled a climate resource reel that highlights ten of its most compelling climate videos and visualizations. 

Video topics range from a 3-D tour of the Earth’s rapidly changing cryosphere, and the unexpected role that honey bees can play as climate data collectors, to NASA’s efforts to understand the ozone layer. 

Two of the videos offer details about NASA’s new climate satellite GloryOne of them discusses Glory’s Total Irradiance Monitor, a sensor that will help monitor the sun’s fluctuations. The other  — titled Hello Crud — delves into the perplexing world of airborne particles called aerosols

You can see all ten of the top picks at NASA’s Global Climate Change website. Additional climate-related videos and animations are available through NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

–Adam Voiland, NASA’s Earth Science News Team

10 thoughts on “Tour NASA's New Climate Reel”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Does not the thousands of newly released “climategate” emails bring doubt to the validity of global warming and the reasons the Copenhagen meeting is going on?

    In my opinion, NASA has and always will be the collection of the preeminent scientists in the world. How great is was to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon when I was 9 years old. I still remember laying on the floor watching Mr. Armstrong until I feel asleep. I have always been a huge supporter of NASA.

    I hope NASA will investigate the “tricks” that are not only being perpetrated on me, the world population but the very honour and respect of NASA. As you well know, scientists that manipulate data should be treated no better than snake oil salesmen.

    I would be surprised if this post is allowed but I would appreciate that it is passed on to someone in the “global warming” department.

    Your obedient servant,
    Craig Hopkins

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  4. I saw this video it was really amazing and informative. Keep on posting these kind of useful videos.

  5. I was so disappointed when Obama didn’t take much of a stand, but I thing your reel is AWESOME. =)

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