4 thoughts on “School kids verify NASA satellite observations”

  1. Go Gary! Once again you are changing lives. You and your students deserve all the recognition you get. I’m proud to know you.


  2. Gud day,
    i wonder about what was in that cloud. i am from the Philippines,and i want to ask if that S’COOL is also available in our country? im just a college student needs info about what is happening outside the atmosphere. about 2012.i always research about it. They said that im freak because of what im doing.but then,ill continue to find out what is really happening. To NASA community, please allow me to know about the earth,galaxy,universe. im a frustrated person needs to more about and learn from you. Since when i was a young, i just wanted to become a ASTRONOMER but i don’t have any chances. maybe u can hear me. i begging you.if i would have a dream, that will be to become an astronaut. go outside the earth and go at the NASA.thank you. Jerald John N. Adrias – Koronadal City,Philippines

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