What On Earth (Sound) Is That? #4

Regular readers know the drill by now: Every other Friday we post a snippet of one of the many strange and fascinating bits of earth science that pass through our inboxes here at What On Earth, and then you all have a week to show off your science savvy by hazarding a guess (or two or three, if you’d like) in the comments. The last clue was an easy one, but we’re predicting this one–our first sound–will stump most of you.  Listen up, and prove us wrong…

Remember, the answer usually has something to do with….
a) Earth Science

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17 thoughts on “What On Earth (Sound) Is That? #4”

  1. I believe it is a flag at either a scientific outpost on Antartica or possibly the flag on the north pole itself.

  2. a gay faling from the sky over the sea or the ocean and makeing a pi g splash i the water.NASA Experimet maybe.

  3. As an ex submariner the ‘ice noise’ is all too familiar. You may want to get your transducers up in among the MIZ and then sit back and wait. Have you a recording of somebody playing a large cross cut saw with a violin bow? The sound in the MIZ is very similar and the source levels have to be heard to be believed. When the frequency gets down into the 300hz range is when the fun starts, rattling fillings in your head style!

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