Earth Buzz: Peering into Earl's Eye, Sailing Smoke, and More

Flying Over Earl’s Eye

Scientists aboard NASA’s DC-8 flying laboratory headed straight for Earl’s eye Wednesday as the storm bore down on the Eastern Seaboard. (GRIP Mission Page)

Eerie View of Frank
NASA’s Global Hawk snapped this extraordinary view of Tropical Storm Frank from 60,000 feet. (

Smoke Sailing High
Satellites captured evidence that massive Russian fires lofted smoke aerosols an impressive 12 kilometers up. (Earth Observatory)

El Niño Strengthens
A new type of El Niño, which has its warmest waters in the central-equatorial Pacific Ocean, rather than in the eastern-equatorial Pacific, is becoming more common and progressively stronger. (JPL)

New Earth Observer
Take a look at the latest issue of the Earth Observer [pdf] for details about NASA projects Aquarius, SORCE, and AIRS. (Earth Observer)

The Dynamic Earth
Yep, as this video nicely lays out, NASA studies that. In fact, understanding and protecting the planet is a key part of NASA’s mission. (EOSPOS)

Tweet of the Week
NASA GRIP MISSION PHOTO! Hurricane Earl Caught in a GRIP – image taken from the DC-8 aircraft today over Earl:… (NASAHurricane)

–Adam Voiland, NASA’s Earth Science News Team

Larger image available here