9 thoughts on “Halloween Edition: What On Earth is That?”

  1. I’m going with sferics, very low frequency electromagnetic waves generated by lightning that travel long distances, ducted between the ionosphere and the ground.

  2. This sound is so scary! I can only remember one subject when I hear this tune “whatonearth5”.

    I am from a Hindu background, and basically an Indian. As I child, I used to watch various mythical and religious TV serials which were meant to depict and portrait an artistic version of the Hindu Mythology and Religious literature (like Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc.)

    In those TV serials, we had these “so” called “rakshasas” and “monsters”, to import the “evil creatures of the myth”.

    The sound used in presence of the “rakshasas” up there, is as similar to what we have encrypted and synthesized in “whatonearth5” file.

  3. the sound is made by using many natural sounds.
    such as ocean waves ,wind,stormy rain flows
    gathering all by mechanical systems.

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