32 thoughts on “What On Earth is That? #5”

  1. It looks like the fused-silicon tubes that lightning (or a fallen high-voltage line) might leave behind when it strikes sandy soil.

  2. I think its either a piece of petrified wood but, it could also be the remnants of a shattered planet.

  3. When lightning strikes the ground, it creates those in the ground below the surface. They call them clinkers. That’s my guess.

  4. I didn’t know the technical term, but I remember seeing something like this in high school caused by lightning contacting earth. That is my guess.

  5. I feeling walking like an animal.But there is no mean animal so it moving that is sure

  6. Yes it looks like the discharge of lightning into silica sand at over 1 million degrees the sand forms a glass like structure following the path the bolt does as it branches out beneath the surface.

  7. Fossilized worm holes? or some animal hole that filled in with lava or mud a zillion years ago and we have the ‘cast’ of the hole?

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