What on Earth is That #8?

What on Earth is That?

After going on hiatus for a few months, What on Earth is That is back! We’re don’t plan to post a new question every week, but we will when we have something interesting. Here’s the latest mystery sound. Know what it is? Hint: It has something to do with NASA and Earth science.

(Post your guesses in the comments section, and check back next week for the answer….)

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16 thoughts on “What on Earth is That #8?”

  1. Is it the sound of the tanks? Maybe from gas warming or cooling – being filled?

    Just a guess!


    Sewalls Point

  2. Is it the sound of gas expand or contract in tanks or tanks being filled with Oxygen or Hydrogen? The 5 Nitrogen tanks?

  3. Some astronaut in the bathroom… no really, i think that is something turning like a washmachine

  4. i think its the sound of debris hitting / falling away from inside of of a shuttle solid rocket booster.

  5. Is that the enhanced sound of incoming space dust impacting the NASA shuttle during liftoff through the layers of Earth’s atmosphere!?

  6. ¿Piedritas golpeando metal?, ¿granizo?, dobleces de una plancha de metal?.

  7. A few things come to mind: It sounds like something traveling through a metal cylinder. It could be something traveling the the cylinder making it expand and contract causing the loud noises.
    I really thought it sounded like a clothes dryer with some unauthorized object inside, but that is not very Earth-scientific-y.

  8. Astronauts walking around in the space station.
    Or File drawers opening and closing.

  9. This is the sound coming from a solid rocket as it falls back to the earth. I heard a very similar sound from the SRB intertank camera from one of the previous flights. I guess the clanging noise is ice hitting the tank.

  10. The sound is an icebreaker ship (maybe the Coast Guard Healy) breaking thick ice in the ocean (probably Arctic).

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