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Dear Women@NASA Loyal Readers:

As I am sure you have noticed, it’s been a while since we have written.  Numerous excuses aside, I am eager to keep this blog going.  So, I hope you check back as often as you have in the past!  Today, I had a vision for this blog.  I decided why must we only honor women in history during one month out of the year?  Why not showcase their work and respect them year round?  And that’s exactly what I am going to do!  I shall call it our “Women in History Shout Out” and post at least one every week.  It’s meant to be short and informative.  A quote, a one to two liner about her, and a picture.  Hope you enjoy!



“I have frequently been questioned, especially by women, of how I could reconcile family life with a scientific career. Well, it has not been easy.” 

-Marie Curie

Marie Curie (1867 – 1934) was a physicist and chemist who made major discoveries in the field of radioactivity. She was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes and the University of Paris’ first female professor.

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