May Janice Voss Rest in Peace

I used to hang out at Janice’s house as a co-op.  She was an active astronaut at that time and one of my closest friends was renting a room from her.  You can, thus, only imagine the shock with which I took the news of her passing Tuesday overnight, losing her battle to cancer at the young age of 55. 

That’s two people we have lost to cancer this week, just mere days after I posted about funding cancer research.  I doubt I need to be more clear. 

Here’s to fighting the fight.  May you rest in peace, Janice.  You will be missed. 

3 thoughts on “May Janice Voss Rest in Peace”

  1. Just read about the Curiosity mission tonight and am very excited, came to the site to learn more about what NASA is up to.
    Yay for space! I’ll be tuning in in August for the landing on Mars.

  2. Thank you Guest! Yes, Curiosity and going to Mars are some of the most exciting things in technology, if you ask me. GRAIL and the dark side of the moon are just as amazing. I love this field!

  3. Your history with Dr Voss is interesting. What a loss to us all!

    (Voss’ death had been mentioned in Ben Evans’ story, “For All Womankind”: America’s First Female Astronauts that was posted on AmericaSpace.)

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