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Educator Guides

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New NASA eClips™ Educator Guides have recently been added to this site! 
Look to the right of the main panel and you’ll see a new “button” that points to new guides as they are added.


Please use this space for feedback about NASA eClips™ Educator Guides.  We’d love to know how you use them with your students.  Please share student reactions, too.


New Search Function Makes Finding NASA eClips™ Videos Easier

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Written by Frank Pietrucha

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Your NASA eClips™ team is making it easier for you to sort through our rapidly growing collection of videos. Since NASA releases new segments through out the school year, our offerings have grown to a formidable size – now up to about 230. To help educators navigate their way through the entire series, the NASA eClips™ team has launched a new search function making easier for you to find the perfect segment to shape or supplement your lesson plans.

It’s all very easy. Go to the NASA eClips™ site and click on “search.” You can type in the specific topic you want to explore with your students then check off the appropriate grade level. For example, if your lesson plan is about Mars, type “Mars” into the search box. Then indicate the targeted age range you are teaching. NASA eClips™ offers segments for grades K-5, 6-8, 7-12 and our NASA 360 series for the general public. Within seconds, you will discover any number of videos suitable for classroom use.

Have you tried our new search feature yet? If so, the NASA eClips™ team would like to hear from you.

iParenting Media Award Winner

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NASA eClips™ is proud to be an iParenting Media Award Winner! The program received the award for Outstanding Television Product of 2009. iParenting Awards is the leading family products evaluation program that is committed to helping parents make informed decisions as they choose products for their families.

Recently, the high school program “Launchpad” was recognized by receiving two DV Awards for Launchpad: Fluid Dynamics – What a Drag! and Launchpad: The Launch Abort System and g-Forces.

Moon Craters Plus Space Math Equals 21st Century Real World Connections

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Unable to join us at the Regional NCTM conference in Denver for the NASA eClips presentation: Moon Craters + Space Math = 21st Century Real World Connections?

No worries … you can access the PowerPoint we shared and LiveBinder of NASA resources we organized for this presentation at the links below.

Moon Craters + Space Math = 21st Century Real World Connections PowerPoint can be found at SlideShare.

Review the web-based resources shared during this presentation in this LiveBinder.

Questions about the presentation?  Please post them here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.