Separations Wrap Up ‘Picture Perfect’ MMS Launch

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission began with a brilliant liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. Launch was right on time at the first opportunity at 10:44 p.m. EDT and came on the heels of a smooth countdown.

“The countdown today went very well,” NASA Launch Manager Omar Baez said. “We really worked absolutely no launch vehicle or spacecraft issues, the range was green and the flight was nominal. Picture perfect.”

“This evening unfolded essentially perfectly for us,” MMS Project Manager Craig Tooley said of the countdown and flight. He reported all four spacecraft appear healthy following separation.

“It appears all four are where they need to be,” Baez said. “You can’t ask for anything more.”

With that we’ll conclude live launch coverage. Thank you for joining us! For the latest news on the MMS mission, visit

4 thoughts on “Separations Wrap Up ‘Picture Perfect’ MMS Launch”

  1. As an 80 yr old widow, reading the space info from NASA has been very interesting! I watch the stars on the nice dark nights, in Las Vegas, from my wheelchair. Enjoy looking for the station station when it goes over. My 82 yr buddy joins me. We both talk about Heaven and wonder just how that reflects the universe! Thank you for the education this past several months from this web site. Keeps the brain from drying up faster! We share this info with other Seniors, and encourage them to look up, when they can. Some of us go to bed very early but during the night, can go outside, and “look up”. Thank you to all that are searching for the latest in space.

  2. Congratulations! I know these probes have been in the making for over 25 years….congrats to all on such a picture perfect launch and so far, a perfect mission!

  3. The launch was indeed quite spectacular, my first live viewing!
    I wish to personally thank NASA & their fine staff, NASA KSC, NASA Social, Aries Keck, Chris, Joe Fust, Glyn Collinson, Jim Burch & the Media at the event & especially the NASA Social group I was with for March 11-12, 2015.
    Words cannot express the lifetime dream of visiting your complex & becoming an event-filled extravaganza.
    Hats off to NASA Goddard, ULA, VAB, OSB-II NASA Press Site & Annex, KSC Tours, NASA Gift Stores and all involved!
    It was an honor to share this experience on social media as well!
    #MagRecon @Aries #mmspride #gomms @NASA_MMS @NASAGoddard @NASAKennedy/KSC, @NASASunEarth NASA MMS Social on Facebook.

    Carl Randall
    Cargeena 2 Astronomy on Facebook
    @CarlRandall758 on Twitter
    CarlRandall on Pinterest

  4. Congratulations to all concerned!!
    I am so pleased and excited that ten years of hard work achieved this great success. We are all eager to watch and learn as this mission continues.
    Best wishes and highest regards for continued success!
    Roy Lewiis
    Buffalo, NY USA

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