What Would You Put on a New Golden Record

NASA’s twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a Golden Record, a collection of sites, sounds and greetings from Earth.

If a new Golden Record were to be created, what one item from the past 30 years would you include? Give us your ideas by Sept. 5, 2007 (the 30th anniversary of Voyager 1’s launch) and our Voyager Mission team will pick what they think would be the best additions. Just click on the Comment link at the bottom of this page.

Each identical Golden Record contains:

— 117 pictures explaining Earth. This includes drawings and images that convey information about our solar system, images of people doing various activities and a variety of plants and animals, as well as scenes from around the world. 

— Greetings in 54 different human languages and greetings from humpback whales.

— A selection of sounds from Earth. This ranges from natural sounds, like storms and volcanoes, to human-made noises such as trains, airplane and rocket take-offs, animals, tools being used, and a mother kissing a child.

To see a selection of pictures and sounds on the Golden Record; visit   https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/voyager/goldenrecord-20070816.html

366 thoughts on “What Would You Put on a New Golden Record”

  1. There are many things I feel should be on the next golden record. The first ones showed our civilization, advances, technology, industry, contained music, and greetings. I would use some of the same things, but show advancements in science and technology. Show better photographs of the plantes, show photos of how we spilt atoms, or collide them to create anti-matter. Show phots of the space station, show photos of new horizons and its path. Show photos that show there is hardship and loss here too. Maybe something about challenger and columbia. The force of a hurricance. Don’t show war or things like atom bombs, but something to show the poor, the rich, the happy and the sad. Make it a true representation of this world and all of it inhabitants. That is my opinion.

  2. 1- Coronal mass ejection from SOHO
    2- 3D view of the Sun from STEREO
    3- ISS floating over the Earth
    4- Saturn rings from Cassini

  3. I think lots of things changed in last 30 years, especially in the 1990-ies. The people have changed, the culture has changed, the way people look on space exploration has changed.

    Despite technological breaktroughs our qualitative standard of living, our values for living have dramatically fallen in many areas. So, maybe is better not to meet any aliens, before we really make ourselves worth visiting.

    I hope that it is still not to late to put things right. Than i would gladlly add something new on that plate of gold.

  4. I would put some photos taken from the space of earth. Great cities now like New Delhi or Cairo, each one representing a different view of our biosphere (desert, forest, lakes, coastal view..). Well it’s not very original but the best thing to do is to show the best of our little planet !

  5. I’d include country flags of all countries as well as international flags. (And additionally our updated knowledge about the Solar System (the latter is not entirely new addition obviously, but a necessary update)).

  6. I tried to think – what is man kinds greatest achievement. Lots of things have occured; Landing on the Moon, creation of computers and the internet but there is a reason why Human kind has advanced so much in recent times, we developed a way of leaving a legacy of what we had learnt which allowed others to build upon the advances which individuals had made. I firmly believe that written language is mankinds greatest achievement.

  7. I�d put a song of my favorite band on it…

    Namely Foo Fighters, namely the song “Everlong”…

    Greetings from Germany!

  8. I�d put a song of my favorite band on it…

    Namely Foo Fighters, namely the song “Everlong”…

    Greetings from Germany!

  9. if given a chance to include something on the cd i would include the photo of a place in my homecity- mumbai. maybe the picture of many people walking alongside the majestic victoria terminus building of mumbai or the picture of the gateway of india with the arabian sea in the background. this will depict a normal day in the life of the people on earth. the lives of so many people captured in a single frame. whoever finds the picture will come to know about how the common man on this planet goes about his daily life and how we all humans live side by side in peace and harmony.

  10. Hi…. NASA

    I would propose a record of the Global weather change on Earth and the impact we have don on the Earth. Or that we have the tecnologi to inhabit an environment, out side Earth’s boundries. Or Global communication and beyond

    Andrew Starling

  11. I would show pics of human, animal and fish giving birth and nursing which perhaps can explain how earth procreates.

  12. True color images depicting humans interacting with nature, interacting with each other, pictures of cities with humans going and coming, a global map showing the continents with country names and/or flags, some type of radio frequency depiction for potential contact, an image of our galaxy, our respective location in the galaxy relative to our sun/star. Pictures of animals, oceans, and ocean life.

  13. I would put a full recap of our space endeavors and success and failure’s over the last 30 years. I would also include our hopes and aspirations for the next 100 years.

  14. Hi…. NASA

    I would propose a record of the Global weather change on Earth and the impact we have don on the Earth. Or that we have the tecnologi to inhabit an environment, out side Earth’s boundries. Or Global communication and beyond

    Andrew Starling

  15. There doesn’t seem too much to add to a Golden Record except a display of our exploration of the solar system,also perhaps a solar powered device that will play the record.

  16. A beautiful addition: dozens of pictures of earth as seen from space. There’s the Blue Marble, or Earthrise, or even the Pale Blue Dot. I think nothing else expresses who we are, what humanity is, with more elegance and honesty as our planet, our home.

  17. Only a few…

    “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”, as performed by Karen and Richard Carpenter.

    Patti Labelle’s rendition of “Way Up There” as she performed it live at the National Cathedral during the Columbia memorial service

  18. Analog or digital?

    The conversion from analog to digital data, from audio tape and records to CD, DVD and IPod underlies many of the other unique changes in the past 30 years.

    How do you reflect this? I don’t know. I suppose putting Wikipedia on the disk would be prohibitively large.

  19. I would include a timeline of human tool/technology development: stone tools, clothing, domestic animals, farming, sail boat, wheel, writing, metal, electricity. I would stop there.


  20. Send data of our climate and climate change and more “in-the-future-to-come-problems”. Maybe whoever finds it knows how to change for the better and avoid what might is to come.

    Researchdata for new and alternative sources of energy and transport. Maybe they know how to supply earth without Nuclear Plants and the enviromental impact of fossil fuels.

    Don’t send pictures of war or terrorism. We do not want to look devided even though so we are in the eyes of an surperior extraterrestial race. They’ll soon find it out nevertheless.

    That was my simple thoughts in the topic.
    Have a nice day and go on.. reach for the stars to save the foundations of earth

  21. although new pictures of earth and sounds would be good additions to the gold dics i think we should now be lookin at the bigger picture 30 years on as our plant is in turmoil, global warming and worldwide poverty are at the fore front of discussion between world leaders. we shouldnt be sending celebratery documnation of our plant, we should be sending a galactic S.O.S, to save our plant from the inevitable disaster which is just around the corner!

  22. a picture of a rock concert, with maybe a little snipit of audio, because it would show aliens that humans can have a little fun every once in a while.

  23. I would suggest adding images of the ISS (example of international cooperation and a permanent presence in space). I think it would be nice to have images of Mars taken by MRO and the MERS along with a map showing Mars’ relationship to the Earth.

  24. I would show news coverage of the things that show who and what we really are as a civilization. Examples:

    Coverage of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986 (so they didn’t tell anyone for awhile, so what?).
    Media coverage of President Clinton’s speech, in 1998, claiming, “I did not have sex with that woman.”
    Coverage of operation Desert Storm on Jan 16, 1991.
    Coverage of 911 attacks on WTC.
    Coverage of Iraq paying the price for 911.
    Coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the speedy cleanup and restoration of New Orleans.
    Coverage of Challenger and Columbia.
    Coverage of the slaughters in high schools:
    Moses Lake, Washington — 2 students and 1 teacher
    Bethel, Alaska — 1 student and the principal
    Pearl, Mississippi — 2 students & parents of the shooter
    West Paduca Kentucky — 3 students
    Jonesboro, Arkansas — 4 students and one teacher
    Edinboro, Pennsylvania – 1 teacher
    Pamona, California — 2 students
    Fayetteville, Tennessee — 1 student
    Springfield, Oregon — 2 students
    Littleton, Colorado — 12 students, 1 teacher and 2 suicides
    RED LAKE, Minnesota — 5 students, 1 teacher, 1 grandfather, 1 friend, 1 suicide.
    And, of course…
    Coverage of Taylor Hicks winning American Idol.

  25. I would probably put a depiction of a computer, maybe referencing a transistor at the atomic level, in order to convey our technological abilities.

    Or a request for knowledge.

  26. I wish i was there , were you both are now , to hear and record what`s `on the air`.

    I still can reach you with my signal`s , but it take`s a lot to aim , and manny minute`s to reach you.

    Your voyage atarted when i was learning how to make a signal,
    and was looking at Captain Kirk who dit it from his hand.

    Now everyone can do that , but it still take`s a long time
    before those signals can be heard by you.

    I hope you both will find prove one day , that Mr Einstein was`nt
    right , and that there is another `thing` that go`s faster than light…

  27. Maybe this is too much, but why not include some unsolved mathematical theorems? If we could demonstrate – in some fashion – that no matter what we, as the human race, encounter, we try to figure it out. Go beyond the first records and show how curious we are and how we are always trying to solve problems and make our lives better. Of course, there are plenty of people in this world that could care less…but, as a collective, we do try to improve our lives and we are finally trying to fix the damage we have done to our home.

  28. Well, it seemed a major oversight to have no celtic music on the record, and no good old American folk music…. So I’d propose that.

    Also, some photographs of space leaders, like Tsiolkovski?

    A beautiful photo of a hiking trail, a bicycling trail, and an old U. S. Highway.

    Otherwise, the record was an excellent emissary.



  29. P.S. If new technology permits, the introduction to Star Trek Enterprise is certainly one of the best overviews of human exploration anyone’s ever done.

    Cheers again,


  30. the NEW golden record should contain the previous SIGHTINGS of UFOs so that alien life forms could identify them IF they were to be from that respective alien creed.

    how abt tht?

  31. A cd with sounds and music ranging from blues, jazz, rock, heavy metal, reggae, rap, and anything other style to show the diversity of a common and everyday thing on earth. A dvd that would show our technology of automobiles, tv’s, rockets, the international space station, and other great things as our deep oceans, animals, humans, mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, towns, cities, the plains, ice caps. Or just throw it all on an ipod, that would probably be the easiest.

  32. I believe we should show how lucky we are here with the Earths ability to grow life. Earth seems rare as the Chemistry we have here is abundant, allowing almost anything to grow. Thanks to the various generations of stars that it took to grow our planet. Its likely that other beings out there live on planets that could be far harsher to life, heavier gravity, less sunlight, we have a garden of eden with diversity of life that they could only dream about or theorize.. That could draw them to us. I believe someone out there as achieved light speed or better, Also a photo of Homer Simpson juggling balls, while balanced on a larger ball, showing our gravity levels, balance ability as per our physiology and Intelligence, and that comedy is something they better have a grasp of..haha, Very Important that last part. Good Luck…Dan

  33. Massive advances in our understanding of biochemistry have been made in the last thirty years. Extraterrestrial cultures can figure most things out for themselves but the coding of the DNA of our botanical record would be a great gift to the galaxy. This would also ensure that in some way the millions of plant species native to earth, will survive forever.

  34. on the golden record you should have rockman by elton john playing and have a picture of the international space station.

  35. Things I would like to see on the new golden disc, is information of how we have advanced in technology over 30 years, including our achievements in medicine, Computer Technology, and our exploration in space. Also something I think would be really cool that never made it to the first disk is a representation of each countries currency and the history behind it.

  36. If there were to be a new golden record made . Probably a CD or DVD because technology is allways chaning . I would have then put all the nam es of all the people who have lost thier lives in wars up to the present one we are fighting now.
    I would also put all the data that is showing the effects of mans tenue of stewards ship of this planet.
    I feel it is essentail that a histrocial account of where we can from and where we are going would provide a alien species a interresting exhibit of what man is and what he is not.
    Lastly I would also include all the religiouis texts in a form that could be understood so any alien liforms could understand what we belive in.

  37. Something to show that the human mind is capable of so much imaginative thinking. I saw someone suggested the intro to Star Trek: Enterprise, and I think that it’s a good idea. At the very least, it shows where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to be.

  38. I agree with the people who suggest to include a map of our DNA. Save this single contribution, I would have to conclude that we have done nothing on a galactic scale since landing on the moon. Computers and the Internet are milestones for the species but thus far are only tools and not ends in themselves.


  39. To the Editor at NASA.

    It would be incredibly foolhardy to give any clue to where to find Earth. Why take for granted that all Universe’s creatures are benevolent? Other races may be paranoid or simply imperialist. The scientist – Liberals of the U.S.may be laudable in many aspects. I do not trust them, however, with perspicacity in this matter.

    Sigge Bock
    Dr. at the Univ. of Uppsala, Sweden. Lecturer Emer.

  40. You should include a couple of DVDs next time with brief history of the earth and include the hundreds of your images of the solar system and our galatic neighbours. There must be someone out there with the technology to decode it all.Watched Voyager 2 launch in Sept 1977 from Grand Bahama Island wonderful sight as it blazed up from the horizon in to a dark evening sky and passed overhead. Keep up the good work NASA.
    Ron Compton Scotland.

  41. we can send the fotos of our biggest and planned cities and also our selected satellite & aerial imagery of the earth

  42. If there’s room on the disk, I suggest: a copy of Ron Howard’s film Apollo 13. It gives a fairly accurate representation of aerospace technology, which is what makes deep space probes possible. But more importantly, it shows humans working together to solve a problem. I think it shows some of the most admirable traits of humanity, but without being effusive and saccharine. We don’t need to launch sap into space.

  43. Hello!

    I would add Cesaria Evora’s song “Cinturao tem mele”, and (since I’m greek) a picture from the sunset in Santorini.

  44. Congratulations to NASA on this Voyager-day, 20 aug 2007. I have been following the reports from the spacecraft all the way!
    Today,30 years ago, I and my wife, got married! And we are still in orbit.

    And we still remembers Elvis that past away
    almost on this day 1977, sorry to say!

    Thank You and good luck in Space!

  45. I think, I would make an update of our past view of our solar system by adding the new tiny planets found in the recent years. That might give a simple sense that we have made progress in our knowledge about our immediate space neighborhood.
    Dr. T. Kallimopoulos
    Ludwigshafen – Germany

  46. I would suggest including a true sized handprint of someone who changed our world for the better. Someone like Nelson Mandela.

  47. I would add nightingales singing…. a freeway sound… thunder sound…
    I would also add in French:Bonjour and an Italian “Ciao” too…

  48. I think the best thing to include is a clasified ad to space visitors. Stating that we need a new home and have the extraterestrials by any chance got any planetary colonising gear that we can burrown to get to Mars with a permanent colony there by the mid century.

  49. My vote for a ‘must show’ on the ‘next’ space probe ‘gold record’ would have to be a film clip, pic, or sound bite of and from the semi-permanent int’l space station ‘crews’. We didn’t have the capacity, technology nor int’l will to create this great symbol of our civilizations curiosity and scientific advancements, thirty years earlier!

    Our greatest goal as a still struggling civilization, must be to come together as one voice/one people, and there is no better symbol of that important ‘survival goal, than the INt’l Space Station.

  50. I’d include:

    1. Astronauts working on the International Space Station.
    2. Space Shuttle launch and landing.
    3. The Grand Canyon
    4. The Statue of Liberty
    5. An aerial view of New York City or another big city
    6. A field with crops growing in it: corn or cotton could be in the U.S. or some place else.
    7. A Clementine photo of the Moon, maybe the South Pole
    8. Earthrise photo from the Moon.

  51. I would like to see items which define certain points in human history for example: A diagram showing Pythagarus Triangle Theorem. The periodic table. Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Example of quantum mechanics. A sample of DNA. Images of the seven wonders of the world. Examples of great artists like Picaso, Monet or Van Gogh. Literature such as Shakespear & Jules Vern. Darwin’s theory of evolution. The English Dictionary. A song by Elvis or Queen…………..or just send a laptop with an IP address and beam the internet along side it lol.

  52. Let’s update them on all the progress we’ve made in human space exploration since the last record.

    Ray Gedaly

  53. I would include a timeline of our space program, indicating both high and low points. Something that would show our passion for the unknown and our spirit of adventure and exploration.

  54. Considering the first ‘golden records’ are only just reaching the outer each of our solar system; I would suggest we and most of planet Earths Bios will be well gone before this ‘new’ golden record reaches anything capable of understanding it. Thus, we should send DNA sequencing of humans and all the other flora and fauna of planet Earth; that we will eventually destroy. Then maybe some civilization a million miles and a million years from now will be able to recreate what we will have sadly caused to become extinct.

  55. Do you believe in God, the Creator of the Universe?
    Now that you know we exist and our location, will you visit us in peace?

  56. How about the fact that we’re releasing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and other chemicals into the atmosphere and its destroying our atmosphere and global climate, but we still can’t decide on what to do about it. A very detailed map to our solar system, and a desperate note that we need technological advancement.

  57. I think we should include a file that contains the content of a primary internet search site. This would require a very large amount of space, but it would give the being who finds it an historical look at Earth on that particular day and year.

  58. Our DNA code. Should an advanced species look at it they will immediatly know what it stands for.

    If the DNA code seems to risky, add the Periodic Table of the Elements. The intelligent species should be able to communicate back because they should recognise the same building stones of earth.

  59. The first, and hardest, question is: should it reflect the best of Planet Earth only, or the cold and unvarnished truth, the highlights and lowlights both? Do we want to show how much trouble our planet is in both socially and ecologically, or show only how much we’ve accomplished?

    And regardless of which choice you make to answer the first question, the second question is how much of that can be made intelligible without the context of actually *living* here? If we send an image of one of Praxiteles’ marble statues–the Apollo Sauroktonos, say–will they think it a great work of art, or will they think that we have the ability to petrify living matter? If we sent an image of a great allegorical work of art, will they consider it as art, or documentary evidence of the real phsyical existence of angels and putti, centaurs and satyrs?

    Everything that goes on this disk has to be considered in terms of what it might look or sound like completely divorced from context–virturally impossible for us to do, living in the context it has to be separated from, but we can try.

    So the question in my mind becomes, not what one item from the last thirty years symbolizes the last thirty years not to *us*, but to *them*, the putative aliens who might someday find the message. And I believe that there is no one thing that does that.

    Therefore, I would include a detailed spectrum of our sun, so their astronomers would know exactly and precisely the chemical composition to search for among the stars. Even if they have not solved the problem of the speed of light limit, even if they can never visit us, they will know not only that they are not alone, but where to look, and perhaps someday, our radiotelescopes will detect a very interesting signal…

  60. I would show the advancment of technology today. I would also include the new discoveries that we have made about space. There has to be life out there somewhere so we have to tell them everything that we know about our solar system. Think about what we would want to know if we found a golden disc from some distant solar system or galaxy. We would want to know everything about them and so would any other form of life out there. We also need to give them tons and tons of sounds from earth like,ocean waves breaking, animal sonuds, and tons of other sounds too! We also need to tell them about the ISS and all of the other things that we have orbited or landed on planets. That is what I think we should put on a golden disc today.

  61. Come and share ideas with us you are wellcome we wish you no harm nore do we fear you ,we are willing to share but not to conform.

  62. I would put together a collage of images showing our triumphs and failures of the space shuttles. Showing our attempts to reach the heavens in our infancy, with passionate wording to caption these images. Something to the effect of “…we are on the verge of exploration beyond our home, reaching out in wide-eyed wonder of who and what is out there…”

  63. To demonstrate our mastery of technology in the last 30 years, send the most popular images from the internet … pictures of drunk celebrities.

  64. You mean besides a recording of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not gonna Take It”, right? Can’t leave that out. Also, it might be best not to mention the 35 years and still growing gap between moon missions.

  65. To show how far we’ve evolved in the past 30 years, send two images of New York City from 1977 and 2007 with the caption: Can you spot the differences?

  66. the one item to include in the new golden record would be:
    First choice: the image of planet earth… of course a new one with a better resolution

    Second choice: Children with globe, UN (picture)

  67. photo showing the main stages of human development showing how we give birth, childhood, adulthood and then death. BK

  68. A picture of a dinosaur. Just in case they actually did visit us in the ancient past. They may remember the Dino but not us.

    A Map to us would be good also.

  69. With current data storage technology the number of images / sounds could be nearly limitless.

    I agree that an some sort of explanation of our curren level of technology ouwld be important to include. This would be made more relevant if it could be paired with some form of elasped time counter that would give a reference of how long in the past “now” was to anyone in the future viewing it.

    I think it is important to attempt to give an understanding of what humans are…..what they believe….what has been accomplished…..what is important to us as a species……

  70. Given the sizes we have today, I would change the record to a memory chip, or some kind of high storage capacity, and in it store the whole Encyclopedia Britannica; I concur with others that we should also include the “space” story, the views of the Solar system planets, with pictures of Earth with “We are here” arrows. I think also programs could be included to view pictures, play sounds and songs.

    All assuming beings out there can see light waves and listen to sound waves, all physical stuff.

    Or all could be lost as a target practice item for some warfare prone beings (and if you do not know where that comes from, go back to the corner for an hour to think about it).


  71. Pictures of babies and happy things and marvelous achievements are great and inspirational. I think we forget to tell the whole story if we leave out pictures of arguments, pictures of war, pictures of death and remembrance. We should include pictures of the sick and the old and show how we care for them. I would include pictures of Hiroshima, of the killing fields of mankind, of graveyards and memorials. We should leave a legacy to any other alien culture that we weren’t just about pixies and rainbows. We are a civilization and a planet with depth of emotion and passion. We are able to disagree and fight and survive the worst we can throw at each other. It is our courage in the face of adversity that makes us a planet worth remembering.

  72. I think that one of the most important things the ‘Golden Record’ should have, is how we expect them to make contact with us.

    How we use radial signals to communicate here in earth, and also tell them other ways to make contact with us (specially if that ‘other way’ has been developed in the last 30 years).

    In addition, it would be very important to request them to share their scientific development with us. And specially if it can help us to communicate with them.

  73. To put on the Golden Record? How about crowd roars from small arenas up to the large stadiums? The picture of Earth and Mars taken from Jupiter? And, dare I say, a picture of the pyramids? Keep the dreams growing…

  74. I am with Dave in #28 – it would only be fitting for this gold record to contain “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” for several reasons – First, because it tells the story that we just wish to be friends with our space neighbors – Secondly, because it’s sung by undoubtedly one of the finest female singers of all time, a nice reflection on earthlings – Karen Carpenter – and thirdly, because it is tremendous music – creativity – one of the many works of artistry by genius (and brother of the brother sister duo from Downey California, RICHARD Carpenter) – his penchant for all things musical, (i.e., arranging, writing, recording, overdubbing, playing, singing, etc., etc). This would be a great lesson in the art of “music at its finest” for our friends from other planets.

  75. The Golden Record isn’t only interesting to potential aliens, finding it and hopefully understanding its content and the intention behind it.
    In my opinion it’s also a very fascinating time capsule for current and future earthlings.
    We could learn, e.g. about some cultural taboos existing at the time of its creation and their change/persistence over time — at least in the minds of the ones responsible for its content.
    As I learned from an interview of one involved with the creation of the Golden Record, they explicitly decided, e.g. not to include a picture or sound of a woman kissing a man (not to mention two men kissing each other…).
    I’m curious, if “such” content would still be left out today. As we could see in this blog of the 21st Century there are again some pictures (war, terrorism…), which should not show up on a new Golden Record — at least in the opinion of some of us (partially including myself ;-)).
    So, why not include this blog and a short documentary about the Golden Records creation on the new Golden Record?
    Greetings and Congratulations from Munich, Germany!

  76. I think there, in the endless universe, are many diferent kind of living creatures, many of them adapted to such a diferent kind of life, that we can only imagine.

    Many of them can�t see, others can’t hear, and maybe some of them, can’t even touch things the way we do, maybe they are ‘Energetic’ creatures, living and feeding from some energetic source, but all of them are inteligent, what should we do to tell them, Hey here we are! with a Golden Record?.

    I can think in many ways of how we should prepare the Golden Record, but I don’t have enough place in this blog to do so, so the best I can do for now is let you think about it..

  77. i think we should include one of our highest bits of technology, something that signifies the whole world. it could differ from something like a blackberry to something like a lever, all in all it should be something you can find anywhere on Earth.

  78. 1. Since 1977, the greatest change to almost all social circles has been enacted through the use of home computers and cell phones…..document their evolution and apparant conjuction….
    2. Pictures and explanations for the International Space Station, as a demonstration of multi national cooperation, especially between the US and Russia.

    Yeah, I know…that is more than one…..oh, well, go figure!!!!

  79. Include the recorded history of the earth’s ecology so that one day either we or some being from another time and place will have a record of life’s impact on this planet.

  80. We might want to re-record some of our natural sounds a little more clearly, adding the ocean’s surf and more people’s voices especially kids. Add voices from scientists and regular guys too. Put my voice on there saying something like this: “Hello from earth. We dream of the stars and we hope to journey out to meet you. We’re working on it, slowly. Meanwhile, if you want to find us, look for our spiral galaxy and then find our solar system out on one of the arms, earth is the third from the star we call the sun. You can’t miss it. Look for a beautiful blue planet we call home. That’s us. We’re tough people but we’re sort of lonely too. We have a need to explore and find out about things, especially about the stars. We are brave, strong and love freedom. We hope to meet up with you soon. Yours sincerely, a human being from earth.”
    Maybe include a cell phone number too. They might want to call.

  81. If i have the great opportunity of put something in a new New Golden Record, i think in something like that:

    1. The most deeper photo of the universe of the hubble(where you can see the many galaxies)
    2. the photo of my family
    3. the photo of the earth from the space.
    4. A song of love.
    5. a pictures of my cat.
    6. a peace of different music and language
    7. one pictures of people of each country , and map of the division of the word.
    8. one pictures and sound from each animal in the planet, and somethings plants.
    9. one poema.
    10. one oration from all people of the word to God.
    11. Some Funny thinks..like jokes..
    12. a card to the specie of life that found the Voyager , written in all languages, and in structured mathematical,
    13. the genome human sequence
    14. the ten orders, and a copy of the bible.

    and for the name of the space craft…”Family”

  82. Our friend Carl will keep on protecting the twins for billions and billions of miles in his cosmos.

  83. I liked the cross cut of life here on earth. One comment I have and I think the people putting the greetings in different language.I think this would be a great stumbling block for someone who was trying to put this all together or make some sense of this mess.If all was in english it would give the finder some assemblance and some common flow.What do you think? If this is done again, just keep it simple. show globel warming,atomic energy our rockets and space program, farms, the auto, things in our everyday life.

  84. I’d like to see a true reflection of the past 30 years…

    The discoveries in science (dark matter, the other advances in physics and chemistry);

    Advances in politics (fall of the Berlin wall, fall of communism in Russia, end of aphartheid in S. Africa)

    Declines in politics (9/11/2001, The War in Iraq, the N. Korean nuclear crisis…)

  85. Caution!

    The inhabitants of earth are predisposed to settle international complaints through war.

  86. I propose that a diagram depicting the operation of the semiconductor, with which the human race is nearly instantantly able to communicate and process information in ways no earth creature ever has (so far as we know).

  87. I would include photos of all the major bodies in our solar system as well as major natural events (hurricanes, tornados, sunrise/sunset, Northern Lights, waves on a beach, etc.). For sounds, I would include a baby’s cry and child’s giggle and examples of music that has come out since the original recordings. Evidence of our high tech abilities including personal computers & the International Space Station should be included but only if people are included in the photos.

  88. a picture of a gerbil chasing after a herd of lemmings jumping off a cliff, the entire third season of Inuyasha, an expired drivers licence and noises from the early days of Jerry Springer, “Roseanne’s” voice, huge close-up of President Bush’s perfect dental job (Jr. not Sr.), the directions to the ALLSPARK!, Alot of 1980’s special effects, an entire novel written about how many times Paris Hilton cried while she was in jail, pictures from a slaughter house followed up by a barrage of billboard ads saying “Got Milk?”, pictures of Mr. T., the “300” movie (that’ll keep em away)

  89. Images from the BBC documentary series “The Blue Planet-Seas of Life.”

    The latest images of Mars from the rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

    Images of the Amazon rain forest, the Florida Everglades, and
    the Galapagos Islands (the tortoises).

  90. The new Golden Record should include a detailed map of how to find us in the universe.
    We have collected vast amounts of information about the location of millions of objects in the universe.
    We should put it all in reverse, from specific lines through space, so who ever is out there can follow the map back to us.
    Maybe they know we are here, but just can’t find us, the same way we can’t find them.

  91. I would include a photo of a weapon of war.
    I think above all we should be honest of our portrayal of humanity.

    We spend over half our discretionary budget on ‘defense’, and yet the
    original Golden Record carried no reference of this aspect of us.

    It would seem disingenuous to not represent us accurately.

  92. The one item that I would include would be a greeting from Carl Sagan – the man who had the vision and foresight to make this record possible.
    Peter Burton, Worcester, UK.

  93. LS

    I would like to submit an urgent request to anyone out here, how to overcome all our human differences, wars, conflicts etc. I do not want to show how okay we are, nor to boost our great accomplishments, but want to request and urgent pledge for intercelestial help.

  94. We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen…It came out at the same time as the Voyagers were launched. Plus, the fact that Guitarist Brian May is an astronomer makes a fitting touch.

  95. How about one of the Radio telescope frequency or one of SETI radio frequency auto playback some sound when a certain figures in the record is press example the triangle and the circle, then combine it with the solar system locator..

  96. I think there needs to be a updated record made probably with DVD or CD technology.
    I think this new record should show all the names of all the people who have died in wars. Especialy now while we are fighting a war . This way thease peoples sacrfices will never be forgatten.
    I also think it is important for any alien intelgence to understand how we believe. I think all the religious texts should be included . From A to Z all religions of the world.
    It is important for a alien species to see how we love, how we hate and what we believe in. If they can uderstand those concepts. I seriously wonder if we understand this concept (as well) that we are all joined as one common species and we must learn how to co-exist so we can be good stewards of our own world because we have yet to figure out how to live with out our Earth. So people must learn to live togather.
    This record will more than likly survive us but at the rate we are going this world is more than likly to be destroyed by human failings. It is like a message in a bottle. Put in something and wait and hope the reciever can understand and want to reach out to us.

  97. I recommend adding some of our uncracked mathematical problems. You never know if you’ll get the sollution

  98. I Think Its Really Great Idea. In My Opinion You Should send Few Pictures Of Perfect Nature Which Includes Water Falls Green Grasses, Trees, Birds, Flowers, Animals and Mountains with Blue Sky, Because This Will Show The Perfect Environment of Earth. These Kind Of Picture Will Give An Idea As Well That How Much Animals Are Save and Happy In Their Natural Life. You Should Also Send Pictures Of Our Festivals.

    Just give Me a Chance To Select These Pictures, Never Let You Down.

  99. I’d like to include
    1) The various satellites and space lunches that we have conducted
    2) The picture of earth as seen from ISS,Moon
    3) An artist conception of out solar system and earths position in it , again one more image of our milky way and solar systems position in it.
    4) Photos of bridge with Monday morning traffic, steaming factory chimney’s, fields of various crops.
    5) Photos of interaction between human beings and animals
    6) white dove
    7) some ancient monuments like pyramids
    8) images about previous golden record, Voyager 1, Voyager 2 and there position and path in space.


  100. To meet is the most difficult thing we ever
    can consider; our thinking humanity.
    Place the gold our voices; to introduce again
    till again. Lovely approach to meet every coming day.

  101. BE CAREFUL TO WHOM YOU GIVE DIRECTIONS. How do we know their intentions? The only evidence we have on the relationship between “advanced” spieces and and less advanced spieces is the way humans treat other creatures on this planet. If that process is replicated we can look forward to enslavement at best and extinction at worst. It is possible they would be benign or friendly but we would be at their mercy either way. Is it a risk worth taking while we have so much more progress to make in space and would be helpless to defend ourselves.

  102. I think that I would put some views of our solar system on the new record. Maybe a picture of Mars and the Rings of Saturn taken by Cassini. Or perhaps some Hubble telescope images.

  103. I think the next golden record to the humans in the cosmos beyond the earth should include the location of us,humanbeings,animals,landscape,etc.
    And the most important one is the mystery scence
    what is supported created by the aliens.
    Perhaps they have come to the earth many many years ago,and they left something we don not
    understand today,crazily,like the puzzle that
    why the dinosaurs were extinct.

  104. In general I would try to give the potential viewer an impression of three things:

    1. Who we are
    2. What we do
    3. Where we live

    I would show pictures of people all over the globe. Show them that we look different depending from where we are from. You could show the continent on which the pictured human lives.

    In the Section: “What we do” I would try to show people on different occasions. Dinner with the family, sleeping, a newborn baby, people working, Astronauts during EVA. There are shere endless possibilities to show our life. I think the simple things would be the most interesting for the alien viewer.

    Where we live should carry a lot of information. I would try to create a Slideshow. Start in a city, or a village with people, go higher and show a portion of the landscape, higher until you get to the airplane view and up to orbit showing our planet.

    I also would show various housing possibilities.

    There should be a picture of the international space station as well, as it does not only show our technological potential, but our ability to work together as a race.

    Another idea to give the viewer a glimpse into our wish to explore is to show pictures from our tough rovers on Mars.

    As someone else earlier said: The introduction to Star Trek: Enterprise is one of the best ways to show our technological achievements over time.

  105. I would recommend to include a complete library of all fundamental knowledge in natural sciences. This can be used as a remote “backup” if humankind is partly destroyed and/or the earth-based time-capsules / libraries storing similar information are deleted.
    I would recommend to explicitly exclude any personal, political or religious content.

  106. i includ that human have been able to tame what ever he want and will certainly tame throughout the universe and just by one thing:

  107. The one item would be a video of a child growing into a man/woman and learning how to speak,walk and do other activities.

  108. I would think that music would be a great addition. It’s a part of everyones life and something that we take for granted that another culture may not have experianced. A compilation of all kinds of music could really show the human races ability to show so many different emotions.

  109. I’d send a complete history of Human Conflicts alongside a complete history of Human Achievments…

    We’re only human after all – duality is our nature – why lie to Aliens?

  110. video’s of both the Challenger and Columbia disasters, with a plea for help on how to do this safer.
    images of 11Sept.’01.

  111. The two brave mars rovers Sojouner and Opportunity so that they may live on as does the Voyagers 1 and 2.

  112. I would think that since the likelyhood of something smart enough to decipher what we send is remote and it will be in a distant future we need to convey the way the earth is at present and include the past. Convey the overall nature of man. His problem solving skills, inginuity, musical and artistic capabilities, also the destructive nature of man, the spirituality of man. The history of man should go from the beginning in plains of Africa and include signifacant discorvies and inventions also events that shped the planet including natural disasters that lead to modern age

  113. nothing is better than a mother that kisses her child.
    In these last 30 years, our lives have been crossed by tragedies and moments of hope.
    I say September 11, the tsunami, the young researchers that, in their laboratories, they are tryin’ to find a care to many illnesses that strike the human being.
    So, post September 11th 2001, tsunami Decembre 26th 2004 and, please, add a moment of hope for the future of the young people and of all the mankind.
    May God bless the lives of all us.
    Francesco from Naples, Italy

  114. hi nasa guys,

    I think an impressive addition would be the Hubble Deep Field image, showing how deep humans have already seen in the universe.

    Maybe also pictures of the newest and most advanced telescopes on earth.

    –> VLT

    –> Large Binocular Telescope

  115. I would include a picture of our sun with a mathematical explanation that it is dying and that we will be venturing out into space soon. Put out the welcome mat.

  116. We should put the Human Genome on the next record. Explanations of our RNA/DNA combos, how our cell structure works and what our preferred atmospheric conditions are (environmental requirements)

  117. Thank you for the opportunity to offer a thought on what should be on the next “golden record” that will sent into space.

    Why not have a list/reference to the negative things we have on our planet these days;famine, unpredictable weather, religious wars, pollution, ethnic cleansing, etc.

    Also, why not add positive comments to the list explaining what we are doing to end the above problems.

    Bob Wiseman
    Las Vegas, NV

  118. Greetings everybody! I just would copy the old data and improve it with the new technology and information we have gained the last 30 years. Maybe instead of another golden disc, a HD DVD. The idea is to show the improvements, developments not only in fields like science but in daily life, with new pictures, sounds, music and so on. The old and the new systems together next to each other to see the differences and evolution through three decades.
    Thank you/Muchas gracias/Merci/Vielen Danke/Obrigado/Mille gracie/Bolshoe spasibo/.
    P.S. : It is probably like sending your resume with all your most important data and hoping to arrive to an unknown destination within an unknown time to an unknown potential reader that you do not know, whether he will understand a single word you wrote, in case it gets there! 🙂

  119. How about an episode of “Lost”? There must be “some-one” out there who can decipher what the hell it means and can enlighten us!!

  120. Hello, my name is Koert Kavelaars and i am from the netherlands, i am following the spaceprogram with a lot of interest, perhaps the most new item would be a question where would be a similar planet like earth?
    Because of climate problems, and over population in the future, perhaps questions about an unlimited energy and propulsion system olso could be interesting?
    Hope i give you some new ideas?

    With regards: Koert Kavelaars

  121. With one touch: a Video showing families, birthdays, parties, life at the office, people talking (subtituled), man & woman playing with their children and a dog (to show that if they are different we have no problems…).
    Some picture showing our evolution(monkey–>man).
    With one touch…a PC, with Encarta…

  122. I like the idea of DNA sequences but why stop at just human DNA? (Insert joke about cats or dolphins running the world here if you wish).

  123. A new golden disc should include a pictorial chapter telling the tale of 9/11. Despite the painful negativity, it is a tale of overcoming the shadow of terror and making life better for people, ensuring that the victims did not die in vain.

    -The beautiful buildings glistening in the sunlight.
    -The approaching jets.
    -The ferocious fireballs and billowing smoke.
    -The shocked faces on the streets.
    -The firemen going upstairs as everyone else goes down.
    -The buildings’ fall.
    -The dazed and dusty faces on the streets.
    -The raising of the Flag and the Steel Cross among the rubble.
    -The search for survivors.
    -The mourning.
    -The columns of light.
    -The funeral for all unknown/unrecovered victims.
    -The new construction at the site.
    -The Freedom Tower and WTC Memorial Gardens (or computer generated plans thereof, if not finished).

  124. The content already placed on the golden records was sufficient for the purposes they were created for. Perhaps more important would be the direction that the probes were sent in.
    Perhaps there should be a list of the top 10 nearest stars with planets or the possibility of planets compiled which should be targeted. Even if at our fastest speeds it took many hundreds of years to reach the destination, Humanity would see real results for our history books in future generations. Sending them careening off into intergalactic space between stars without a real destination seems like a waste.

  125. We should make it known to future generations of terrestrials or aliens how global warming is forcing us to look for other homes in our sloar system.

  126. I think I might include a message of warning. That 30 years after such an ambitious feat, our Earth may be doomed by our own actions. Fair thee well.

  127. A sample or diagrams of all the earth’s species DNA. This will create a bank of DNA if another superior civilitation want’s to create a replica of the world in another galaxy.

  128. I totally agree with Post#4 and a couple of things expressed by #6.
    On the original disks we were selling ourselves as peaceful, loving humans. I would suggest that we wash our dirty laundry at the same time and explain that humans have been killing each other since they came down out of the trees.
    Consider where we are today: ‘At War for Peace’. On the Global Warming issue all we hear is GROWTH and PROSPERITY. The average human wants peace and freedom but we don’t make the rules.
    Enjoy todays Sunshine because Dark Clouds loom on the horizon,
    Wishing you all Love and Peace,

  129. I would send pictures/blueprints of our technology such as a Desktop computer, the ISS, a Space shuttle, satellite communication and future technology .
    I would also be sure to include a record of love and evil on the Earth. When you find a old civilization and you don’t know anything about them or you just know the good things it’s really annoying, and also all religious texts detail victories and defeats and are followed by most people.
    I think videos and video games (simple like pong or checkers) should be sent.

  130. Just had a great thought send frequencies of signals transmitted on Earth then whoever finds the record can tune in to Public television and learn all kinds of stuff.

  131. Since we do not have a full set of human DNA to put on a ‘record’, how about actual DNA samples from a wide variety of human populations?

    On a related topic, please post the contents of the original Voyager record for download on the NASA web site. The published version has been out of print for years, and is VERY difficult to find.

  132. Not sure if it could be done effectively but I would put on the disc a selection of the earths ethical dilemas of the time.

  133. The ISS is a great way to show that as humans we do collaborate and work together to accomplish hugh successes. Many of the already suggested additions are already on the present record i.e., baby crying, images of people and places on Earth, the location of Earth in the Solar System. etc. However, the following suggestion got my attention and right now I’m not sure why.

    On Aug 20, 2007 01:47:06 PM Roshaan wrote:
    the NEW golden record should contain the previous SIGHTINGS of UFOs so that alien life forms could identify them IF they were to be from that respective alien creed.

  134. More cowbell!

    I’m not sure why there’s such consensus on sending Human DNA. Do otherworld civilizations need it? What for

    Let’s not debate about the benevolence of potential contacts. Avoid providing otherwise unnecessary information until contact has been made. Is that so hard?

    Let’s include something regarding the current climate situation.

  135. How about a tribute to Carl Sagan and the rest of people that got Voyager of the ground? In recognitions of their vision and the pursuit of knowledge through exploration, recognition of their hope in our future despite the our best efforts to destroy ouselves and this planet.

    Now more than ever as we marvel at the discoveries that voyager has returned and the information uncovered about other worlds in our solar system this vehicle of inspiration casts a mirror on what we are doing to our own planet.

    – There is still hope to save it.

  136. if you ask me, we should send things on the Space Shuttle. if alien lifeforms find ths data, they may be able to recreat at it.

  137. I’d include Dolphin greetings along with the whale ones. And possibly a statement saying that any future visitors should be careful about who they choose to come into contact with. Also include a request for help in our dependancy on petroleum products. An SOS from Spaceship Earth if you will.

  138. Carl Sagan’s ashes.

    There are precedents: Clyde Tombaugh on New Horizons, Gene Shoemaker on NEAR and Lunar Prospector.

  139. I am sure you have already thought of this… All we have learned of our solor system, and space in general, since 1977

  140. Why only a picture of human DNA? – Why not some real DNA samples? 😉
    – Well.. This is a tricky one.. But I would add:

    1. Pictures / Other Data from Earths space missions, to show whoever finds it, how far we have gotten.
    2. Pictures / Other Data from wars and material about Earth, and all the problems we have.
    3. Pictures of children, teenagers, adults, seniors.
    4. New messages from people all around the world.
    6. New messages from people all around the world in codes. Ex. Morse.

    Thats all I got ;P

  141. I agree that the contents already on the record are sufficient for their purpose. I would propose adding a transmitter in the style of Sputnik. Just use the high gain antenna that would be used to communicate with Earth. Once the satellite leaves the solar system, have the antenna dish rotate and start broadcasting a simple, numerically derived signal (think Contact with Jodie Foster) in the direction of its trajectory. This would create a much larger target for another sentient race to detect. Wouldn’t we investigate anything that came from deep space and was transmitting a non-organic signal?

    Maybe if the satellite crashes on an uninhabited planet, it will have enough residual bacteria to kick-start evolution on that world.

  142. Pictures — I would choose pictures over other forms of media. If E.T. is really out there somewhere, and the payload actually ended up in his hands, who’s to say that he’d possess the technology to play a DVD, a record, or a CD? It’d be safer to assume that he can see. I’d send pictures of this world (mountains, sea, city skylines, humans and animals, various gadgets, etc.). However, I WOULD send a copy of the song “Countdown” by Rush, just on the off-chance that E.T. could somehow play it. The song chronicles one of the most profound accomplishments in human history. And after all… if Geddy, Alex and Neil aren’t fitting emissaries of humankind, then who is?!? 😉

  143. * all known living creatures DNA from our planet
    * a blue ray disc with much more music , sounds and videos … and ofcourse a player for it hehe … you think aliens would know how to play a golden record ? it will be so hard for them to understand that it is actually an analog recording ..

  144. I dont know whether this true or not, but I heard through the grapevine that the original voyager had a recording of some gaida music from Bulgaria. I have been a fan of the music of the Balkans for many years,and have never heard music more beautifully expressive of the divine spirit in man than the music of this region. If you want to find out more. Try consulting the ethnomusicology departments of the various universities. There is also a group in Tel Aviv called Dunav that has a marvelous archive of Balkan music. Is it possible to download a recording of the original voyager golden album? Eric Gaetz. There is a book available called THE URANTIA BOOK that claims to be of superhuman authorship. I realize that this is a big pill to swallow but after reading it with a very skepticle disposition and have finally had to admit that I believe that it is exactly what it claims to be. It contains chapters such as.The Inhabited Worlds,The evolution of local universes, Physical aspects of the local universe, Energy-Mind and Matter, Energy and Matter Transmutations, Terrestrial escape, Worlds of the nonbreathers and much much more. One more year and I would have a degree in Chemistry, so it is with a scientists “Prove it” attitude that I read it. I threw every brick in my arsenal at it and my bricks turned into sand. I would encourage the scientific establishment at NASA to do the same. If they can find any logical explanation to discredit it I would be more than interested. It can bread coverto cover on the net. Eric Gaetz

  145. Does it have to be a golden record?
    What about an array of the best flash disks we have on earth complete with a panel PC to play it.. You could include any one of the Google Earth like systems of the surface of the entire planet and vast volumes of information on humans, animals, the earth and our planetary and interstellar neighbours.
    Im not sure if it can be done yet but Id be sending it on the fastest spacecraft available, one that might overtake voyager 1 within years.
    Finally why not a 802.11 like transmitter/receiver (im not saying it would be 802.11) but create an identical one here and plug it into the internet 🙂 We can get our alien friends online.. Sure an instant message conversation might be a little frustrating what with the 5000 year wait between messages but the thought is there and my mum tells me that’s what counts..

    Hey if the aliens cant laugh then do we really want to talk to them 🙂

  146. What are the chances that the “people” who gets this record has the technology of retrieving the data.

  147. It would seem that during the evolution of music in the past 50 years, the most important musician or group of musicians has been The Beetle. They blended rockabilly, folk, jazz, classical, even Indian music together. Therefore, I would add one of their songs to the Golden Record. May I suggest “Here Come’s the Sun” or “Strawberry Fields Forever”?

    As for a sound? Certainly that of a PC booting up in the office at 9:00am.

    And for a picture? That of glaciers melting. Ice will not outlive the Voyager spacecrafts.

  148. how about a detailed atlas, so we can show the diversity of Earth and the many countries, ressources,flags,demographics and geography.

  149. Post #16, who do you think will be reading your message? No, seriously!!

    What is the point in most of the posts suggesting that we are killing each other, and hurting the planet? Are you in a confession booth?

    People please read this carefully: Mankind is the most advanced creature in the whole universe. 100% of all people will have to agree, since NO one can prove the existance of anything else! We heard about ET!! lol :p

    If we are the most advanced, therefore we are the most responsible. Please, take care of each other, love one another, enjoy learning and exploring. Don’t lead each other into darkness!

  150. Did you include the Periodic Table on the original? Some explanation of E=mc2?

    I have to agree with those suggestions about including the negative aspects of humanity. Let’s be honest.

    I also might include some of the worlds more famous documents.

    How about one of our best, verified scientific theories, and one of our most stubbornly unsolved scientific problems.

    Some explanation of beer. And wine too, I guess.

    A good cheesecake recipe.

    And a Frank Zappa song.

  151. 1) Religious symbols
    2) Diagrams of other interplanetary missions
    3) Google stock symbol
    4) VA Linux stock symbol
    5) Enron stock symbol

    4 & 5 may have gone out of business already. Not sure about GOOG.

  152. i would put on it this four word poem by sculptor/poet tyler fenn entitled “first sense”-

    your pulse
    my metronome

  153. hmmm difficult one, this one! what to put in, that in some way, an alien will understand. pure science would be the only answer like a history of our sciences, including our dead ends and mistakes and what our latest theories are (quantum and chaos)dont think photos or anything that tells them how we are or behave would be of any use as they would be by definition,”alien” lets just stick to the facts!

  154. I think that it would be a good idea to include on the next Golden Record, what is Internet and how to use it. I’ve read some posts and all are very interesting. But, I mind that all this things are in Internet. Now, for me, the best tool for undertanding the world and people is Internet. This blog is an excellent example of my mind.

    Thanks for all. Congratulations and greetings from Catalonia.

  155. add the following informations:

    1. pictures about how humans are doing excercies (aerobic, walking, jogging, running, yoga, tai chi, etc) and keeps their body fit.
    2. imaginative aliens pictures/ drawings.
    3. some hollywood movies
    4. Nature and the mistery of nature (earthquakes, valcanoes, hurricane, etc)
    5. species present in Amazon forest
    6. 7 wonders of the world
    7. Mount everset
    8. deepest ocean
    9. bermuda triangle
    10. antartic region
    11. shara desert
    12. How voyager is sent/ manufactured

    Vishnu Vardhan, India

  156. Periodic Table of Mixology

    if an intelligence life form is out there this is what human much share for peace and idea for the future u..dont know what can be in store for bartending in the galaxy!!

    hope no one use it and u like it..okay please send me an email if u are to use this idea i would love to know so k..thank u

  157. Periodic Table of Mixology

    noe one stell my idea i think this is the most and best idea ever out there..

  158. I would include a picture about Pizza and an instruction how to cook Pizza.
    Anyhow, a few years after the Armageddon’s war I hope to pick up the NASA’s twin Voyager spacecrafts with my own interceptor starship so I can display them on a Space Museum 🙂

  159. Some excellent ideas here so far for a “Message to the Stars”. But nobody seems to have addressed yet, how such a message would be received or perceived. The golden record was sent up with sound tracks, but I havent heard if a “gramaphone” accompanied the mission. No doubt that any advanced civilisations out there could eventually figure out that the grooves represent sound tracks, but will they be able to understand them that it takes a needle vibrating an electro magnet, which when amplified will eventually produce the sound. It took humans over 5000 years to come up with the concept of the short lived record player and LP, now we are into CDs, blue ray, and computers. What technology will be available in the next 30 years.

    What should be sent up on the next mission is a sort of universal “Rosetta Stone” with the “identical” message in ALL languages,the basic alphabets and hieroglyphics with their equivalences, the periodic table of elements in a graphic format (assumed to be universal), mathematical constants represented numerically and graphically (also assumed to be universal; e.g. pi, e, square root of 2, square root of 3, prime numbers, etc.), and formulary of basic compounds (brass, steel, etc.). The important thing is that it must be instantaneously recognizable as an artificial thing, so, for example pictures must be “hard copy”. It is useless to have a picture in a digital format, or otherwise encoded, which would require special equipment, such as a computer with an signal input device, to decode. In short, send a book with gold leaf pages, or other non perishable material up, with text and pictures. Any alien intelligence would instantaneously recognize such an artifact.

  160. I’d send the blue marble picture (the earth seen from one of the apollo spacecraft). It’s the best recognized picture in the world. It has done a lot to shape our own view of our own world, now let it hopefully show the beauty and fragility of our planet to anyone who might find the record.

  161. Real DNA samples would be destroyed by radiation during such a long flight. Putting the records on CDs and DVDs wouldn’t be a good idea, because the best CDs and DVDs only last for about 25 to 30 years.

    Daniel 🙂



  163. Is nobody worried about the intentions of a species that may view this information? Thay may follow our innocent and diligent directions back to our doorstep and then evict us from our precious planet Earth. When humans meet less intelligent species on this planet we rarely respect them and often put them in zoo’s, farm them or displace them for their property so why would we expect to be treated differently?

    If their intentions are bad for us I doubt if playing them music will help. Sorry to be a party pooper!

  164. Images and sounds from every significant item on art, as sample of the more noble from humanity.

  165. A little girl looking through a telescope in wide eyed wonder-future astronaut? Also, a group of harleys riding the coast,showing our beautiufl land and sea scapes!

    I like #36!

  166. Carl Sagan was a brilliant visionary but not much of a public relations man.

    What good is the message if you don’t have an audience?

    I would hope that the next time we can do something similar, we will devote a few watts of power to continuously transmit an invitation for anyone listening to rendezvous with the probe and retrieve a copy of the disk!

    In fact, wouldn’t it be something if “they” retrieved the probe and took it with them? That would be one heck of an effectuve reply message to the NASA controllers when the probe inexplicably changes course!

  167. i would add the terrible earth quake of the coast off indonesia, 2005, and put it like a story adding all that we can, about the animals moving inland before it came, the earth shaking on its axis, things like that to make it a complete story…….thanks from canada…..

  168. i’d put images and videos of appolo 204 columbia and challenger diasters…photos of our exploration robots on mars..and the cassini project to explore saturn…we’d want to show aliens that we are somewhat capable of exploring our planetary neighbors and the risk we assume in these travels…..and the loss.

  169. As the Lewis Reasearch Center’s Launch Vehicle Project Engineer for the Titan/Centaur lauch vehicles, this is a very important anniversary to me. There are so many things that have happened in the past thiry years that it is difficult to pick out a single item, but given a choice, the Internet and all the related communication developments (cell phones, personal computers etc.) would be my choice.

  170. I will like to include on the Golden Record, the sound of fast-flowing or rushing or gushing Water e.g., one from a Waterfall with birds chirping and trees whistling in the background.

    The combination of these sounds bring me peace and tranquility irrespective of the wars i might be facing within or outside. The sounds remind me of the balance in nature and how beautiful nature in itself, undisturbed by man’s activities, is. I tend to face life’s challenges better after a view of such scenery.

    I want to use this record to say what the Voyager has been in my view: A source of indepth knowledge into nature such that we are able to relate better with our environment and think solutions to threatening forces out there.

    Happy Anniversary Voyager…………. Bon Voyage!!

  171. I would send this post. We as a race have made technological advances that gave us tools to use, such as SPELL CHECK. I would recommend using it before you put this on the Golden Record to ensure we do not appear to be a race of total idiots.

  172. I would put our atmospheric composition, with the different percentages of oxygen, nitrogen, etc. This would let anybody know that this is what it took for life to exist here on earth. This would also help anyone who discovered it to adapt to our atmosphere, gravity, and amount of exposure to sunlight.

  173. – A classical violinist playing part of a Bach partita or sonata for solo violin

    – Birdsong. Several different birds, e. g. meadowlark, mockingbird, nightingale

    – A cat purring, a dog barking . . .

  174. Although I was fairly young at the time, what I remember most about Voyager is a picture. This is how I remember it: after the take off of both crafts, Karl Sagan convinced NASA to turn one craft (can’t remember wich one) around and take a picture or the earth and moon in one frame. It shows the bluish earth (Pale Blue Dot?)and the moon on a completely black background. I made a profound impression on me. The picture was published in National Geographic(?). I haven’t seen it since and can’t find it anywhere. Anybody has any clues?

  175. A dreaming, star-struck kid during Apollo, I was 15 when Voyager was launched, and sure I would be a space explorer- but, I became an artist instead. I wish we could encode video of Olympic Opening Ceremonies and/or highlights (Humans on our best behavior, doing our best). If it’s an audio-only suggestion, How about the song “Why Should I Cry For You”(2) from the IMAX film “The Living Sea”.

    More Love songs for our Planet!

  176. If I have to send any thing from earth to outer space for a contact with others out there, then I must have send –
    – one blueprint of making a radiotrasmitter and also the frequency on which they may contact us,
    -our position in milkyway and around our star , both
    -few microorganisms, bacterias etc,
    -our calculation system – how much digits we use etc
    -all the massages and such things in pictorial form ,
    etc etc etc

  177. i think we should add our advances we had made in the past 30 years. example computers better cars.

  178. I must have send the BLUE PRINT to built a radio Tr/Rr , so that they can make contact with us ,
    All these things in pictorial form with all detailings of the technology and materials used .
    If possible I may send one such devise with instruction in picture form for them to contact us. Also our position in milky way and around our Sun.

  179. First of all, it would be a DVD, and I would include the same of the first golden disc plus:

    * Audio:
    – Carl Sagan speech from ending Cosmos’s firs chapter “We humans, appear in the cosmic calendar …..”
    – Chick Corea, No Mystery
    – Vangelis, So long ago
    – Iron Maiden, The reincarnation of bengaming breg.
    – Miles Davis, all.
    – Guns n Roses, Civil War
    – Mozart, all.
    – Beethoven, all.

    * Video:
    – Cosmos.
    – Star Wars.
    – Contact.
    – Planet earth from national geographic
    – First season of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
    – A Les Luthier’s DVD.
    – INXS Live Baby Live.

    Thats all for now…got to back to work…

  180. While we’re on the subject of sounds, include a little taste of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from his Ziggy album. Or…how about Elton John’s “Rocket man”? Just a thought. Seriously…unless of course, the already did that.

  181. Do you realy think anyone outside earth and solar system will find your intact “golden record”? Tray to find by chance a definte electron in the earth matter!
    It would be better to send a “golden record” coming back to earth in 100thousand years to tell a new generation of live how stupid mankind was.

  182. Hello,

    My choice of photos for the Golden Record would be:
    1. A group photo of people from different races, explainig the diversity of the human spicies.
    2. A photo of people greeting each other, by shaking hands, hugging and even kissing.

    All the best,
    Gabby Lang.

  183. I would add images of the three states of water (gas, liquid, solid) on our planet. There should be photos, drawings, paintings, etc… depicting our lovely water planet with her crystal caps of ice, swimming in a sea of air. Images of ice, snow flakes, glaciers, pack ice, clouds, dew, rain, streams & rivers, oceans, humans swimming, bathing & drinking, fish, marine animals, otters, the list goes on & on. To a being from another planet our relationship with water in it’s various forms tells, literally, a world about us.

  184. I would give a detailed description of the most efficient and safe form of energy production and storage we have available, weather that be photocells or hydrogen engine models. both having elements that would probably be present in a life supporting environment. I would hesitate on nuclear, I mean lets face it. if it is received by life that is more advance than us then it would be useless and dirty information. However, who wants to be the cause of blowing up a lesser alien species.

    You never maybe we would get something better back.

  185. Message:
    we are earth beings
    we reach out to you from where we are
    we present to you this communication

    there are many lifefonrms on our world
    we try to speak for all.


    Sounds,from Earth….

    light, or visual

    movement, or vibration in the
    probe activated by interaction movement,or stimmulation

  186. How about placing all of the theoretical equations that pertain to fusion power, artificial gravity and faster-than-light travel on the record, in the hope that the “teacher” will correct our “homework” and send it back to us…?

    Something we have forgotten is that our FM radio and television signals have far outpaced the two spacecraft, as well as the two Pioneers which preceded them.

    I like to believe that we will get a message someday that not only includes answers to the above, but also a “Welcome to the galactic community- now get out there and clean up your probes!”

    By the way, does anyone know if there are symbols which explain that the four spacecraft have radioactive sources powering them, or are we relying upon whoever finds them to have sensors capable of identifying a biohazard?

    It would be rather ironic to have it all end because of our probe contaminating whoever might discover it.

  187. I think you should put a song from Vivaldi’s called “Spring” because i think that song evokes calm and happiness on most people. Also, pictures of sunrise and sunset and snow. People making snow angels in the snow.

  188. I would include a record of all the animals that had appeared in earth, since the smallest organism. And, also pictures of how the first animals began evolving from a single cell organism to the dinousaurs to mamals to us. My brother says if you can include a picture of the tallest mountain, the deepest ocean,the biggest dessert and the most beautiful forest in the world.

    thank you

  189. Our mistakes as a human race (global warming, violence, war). Our triumphs as a human race (invention, emotion, existance). Our hopes as a human race (equality, imagination, discovery).

  190. we should send sound’s and pic’s of different emotions that human’s have ,like love and anger happyness, sadness. Our known idea’s on Space and the different kinds of religon we have somthing that we think defines humanity as a whole

  191. There so much good music that you can put on the Golden Record:
    The Doobie Brothers- Listen To The Music
    Journey- Anyway you want it
    Bryan Adams- Run to you
    The Four Seasons- December of 63

    I personally feel that music is the best way for other life-forms to get a vivid picture of who we truly are.

  192. Considering that one of the goals here is to give potential intelligent life forms information that would enable them to easily contact and/or visit us on Earth we must give them the key to the internet. We already know that various wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum can be used to communicate as we do with radio waves. I would give them technical information about cellular telephone networks and other wireless networks like WiFi so that if they could tap into these networks to get to the servers they could use the internet to sent us images, video and sound bytes from their world. This would be the quickest known way of contacting us if they cannot travel at the speed of light. Obviously if they could travel faster than light it would be faster just to visit us face to face. Thanks.

  193. Well,i think,
    the progress we
    make in computer
    technology in the
    past 30 years is
    really necessary,
    as we are able to
    have more methods
    to communicate with
    the outer-space
    creatures,which may
    make the alien under-
    stand us.

  194. The presence of water is the key to all life on this planet. This should be the central theme of all images and concepts on the record.

    I would have a pictogram of a molecule of water followed by the group theory calculations describing its symmetry and how to determine the IR and Raman active bands. This will give the future readers some clue as to what to scan for in the heavens with their instruments.

    Then I would have an image of a human drinking water, an image of a family playing in the ocean with dolphins, and finally the sounds of the ocean.

  195. I’d include a diagramatic representation of the Internet (on a simplified world map) to illustrate that, at this stage in our history, human communications technology had progressed to the point where we had developed a global computer network. Not quite sure how we could represent that to aliens, to whom the Internet would seem rather primitive! Nevertheless, it is certainly a major development of our time.

  196. I would include information about the International Space Station, and how we are looking to set up a base on the moon, and to travel beyond the moon to Mars via the Constellation Project.

  197. If I did so, I would like to choose a solo sonata Nr.1 for Violon-cello , written by J.S. Bach.
    (In my opinion, Dvorak’s viollin cocerto
    or Max Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy are quite good.)

    Image should be … the Earth and the Moon taken by Voyager spacecraft itself !! …I believe so.

    Vayagers, have a nice trip!

    And, Well Done! NASA and JPL every-member!

    I’m thanking to you…

  198. A copy of the DVD of Hayao Miyazaki’s anim� film, “Spirited Away”. I would choose this beautiful film because it is a human work of art and a work of pure imagination, depicting the journey of a young girl. The film contains beautiful and stylish images and exquisite and touching orchestral music.

    Any alien civilisation might discover that the human race could hope, dream and create beautiful visions, as well as send spacecraft to the stars.

  199. I would request that a complex formulae is included.

    One that has the ability to be used for a multitued of applications including modeling “string theory” and
    mapping DNA but uses easy to comprehend Formula.

    Because the intended “students” of this have an unquantifiable interlectual ability the first prinsibles beheind it should be included.

    R = K x Theta ; C = Lamda / F ; V / ( I x R )

    The Square root of 1 ; which is 1 and -1 so that a double helix can be generated.

    It should include instructions on how to make a pencil, the use of cuniform on clay to record words, the use of the I Ching to record concepts, and the sky’s the limit!

  200. A microchip containing the names of anybody who wants to sign up, perhaps with some details. This should be made available to anybody in the world to sign up, including perhaps recruiting peace corp participants to get names form remote villages that would otherwise not have a clue about it.

  201. The only way our spacecraft could be found by intelligent extraterrestrial life is by another spacecraft of some kind. I think the sharing of knowledge about space vehicle propulsion should be priority. Use mathematics to communicate. Invite them to earth. Sure there would be alot of frightened people if ET showed up, but mankind needs a change. Besides, earth would be populated by a completely different generation by then anyway. The galaxy is more dense with stars closer to the center. I think the spacecraft should be directed inward rather than outward. There may be a greater chance of our spacecraft wondering into a life baring solar system.

  202. Include the leading theories in Physics that stand today being String theory, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, etc. Along with the basic mathematical building blocks that are included on the first one.

    Maybe someone out there has gone far and beyond where we stand and can sends back revisions…

  203. It would be useless to put specific songs hoping that some alien life will understand what they’re talking about, if we humans have so many different languages (many of them impossible to understand unless we learn it in school)how can we expect them to understand english songs or a song in any language.

    Instead sounds like plain music, ocean waves, water running in a river, pictures of a waterfall, human races living happily, playing, sharing moments of happiness, sunrise or sunset a few animal pictures.

    It would be easier to some alien life to be aware that there is another planet with “beings” living on it and giving them directions on where are we located “in case they have the resources” to come and pay us a visit.

  204. we might take the opportunity to say goodbye before we destroy ourselves and perhaps apologise for wasting the tremendous opportunity life presented us.
    Michael Riddle

  205. PLEASE SEND NOTHING. If the original Voyager missions are ever traced back to Earth by a violent sucessful species we’re facing overwhelming technology and extinction! Bloggers who say we should send them music or send them DIRECTIONS are naive.

    Now that I think about it a likely bigger security threat than a Voyger mission are our tv and radio signals currently flying out from Earth into space at the speed of light for at least the last 50 years. They go faster and spread wider….oh oh!

    Think of this…We as Humans have been extremely agressive and successful in driving less capable species into zoo’s, into intensive farming or extinction to further our way of life so why should we expect mercy if those are the laws other “successful” species live by too. I think we should at least wait until we are more mobile and competent in the space environment before we start inviting our neighbours over. When we send directions we have no control over who or what follows them back to Earth. Whether they are diplomats or agressive armies we are at the mercy of any space farring species.

  206. > 24 On Aug 22, 2007 02:07:45 PM JM Le Bigot wrote:
    > Although I was fairly young at the time, what I remember most >about Voyager is a picture. This is how I remember it: after the >take off of both crafts, Karl Sagan convinced NASA to turn one >craft (can’t remember wich one) around and take a picture or the >earth and moon in one frame. It shows the bluish earth (Pale Blue >Dot?)and the moon on a completely black background. I made a >profound impression on me. The picture was published in National >Geographic(?). I haven’t seen it since and can’t find it anywhere. >Anybody has any clues?

    The NASA shot http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/photo_gallery/photogallery-earthmoon.html#voyager

    Another Earth Moon shot http://space.about.com/od/pictures/ig/Earth-Pictures-Gallery/Distant-Earth-and-Moon.htm

    Clear shot of the first pic http://www.planetary.org/image/PIA00013.jpg

    Voyager’s picture page http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/image/otherimages.html

  207. *next time we have to integrate a monitor with the probe.

    *it should be made specially for this purpose, that it should able to work normal whenever operated in the far future.

    *and there should be a large(human head size) self-illuminating or attractive button.

    *so that whenever some creatures with eye(optical organ) cross our probe will never miss to see that button.

    *all the creatures(even me) in the universe will think to disturb that button, earlier button should be programmed such that whenever it disturbed strongly should turn on the monitor to show the videos.

    *and the monitor glass should be bullet proof, because sometime the creature may think to harm the monitor.

  208. There is a ‘family” picture of our solar system that I beleive one of the voyagers took, what a great picture to add of our home in the galaxy!

    good luck!

  209. The complete works of YouTube?

    Just kidding. I would have to be video. A brief history of civilization and a compressed encyclopedia.

    Oh, and “please don’t enslave us” message.

  210. Hi, How about sports sounds,or just nice
    relaxing music(too much like whales?).
    Thanks for reading this.

  211. The recipes for Twinkies and Jello. I mean, come on, no alien civilization out there is going to have these unless we share!

  212. Instead of making the “golden plates” look more like a travle brochure, add the other parts of human life. Doctors operating on people, war pictures, famine, death and distruction of past storms and natural events. Also add the good parts of life, people in love, children, families, parties. Pictures of our space program, the international space station, our space track record from our first rocket to our latest shuttle launch. A short map of our history of earth and a history of human life….not to mention a picture of ME!!!

  213. Hellow! Nice to see you!!

    If I recommend a new select, I’d like choose J.S. Bach’s Nr.1 sonata for violon-cello solo.
    And I’d like recommend Beethoven Nr.9 symphony 4th movement.
    (I think there are many things that should be chosen. In my opinion, Dvorak’s viollin concerto, Max Bruch’s Scotish Fantasy …etc.)

    A picture that I recommend first is, the moon and the earth which taken by Voyager spacecrafts themselves!!

    Thank you very mach.

  214. I agree with Gary, Aug 23, 2007 01:01:28 PM, God help us if the race that find either Voyager are anything like us.

  215. I’m a chinese college student majoring in astronautics,also an astronomy fan.
    I think the Voyager mission is one of the most successful mission of NASA,it obtains much more knowledge of out solar system planets than ever before.I love Voyager,I love JPL,I love NASA!!!

  216. I would send my cell phone number, so I could talk to the aliens before I decided to invite them over.

  217. I’m from Mexico,will be great to put on the golden record a full/compact explanation about Maya’s extraterrestrial conection teory. Maybe this will be helpfull to someone to understand our present based in our past.


  218. What should be added is a list of space related discoveries since 1977. What we learned from Hubble and what we learned about Mars and the other planets. Whoever reads this record would understand we are a space fairing world (and nation) and are looking to contact what life is outside our small world.

  219. i think that they should put pictures of human development on planet earth like the empire state buliding or the great wall of china so they could see that we are an avanced race

  220. I choose photos of the most beatiful woman and man on the earth ,very mind blowing beautifulness ,

  221. Send a copy of the original Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” with the message: WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO AND WE’RE VERY SALTY!

  222. Most of the comments written here are very narrow minded, but I guess that’s one component that makes us “human”. When the original recording was made 30 years ago, it was unfortunately produced using the latest technologies. A record player? Do any of you even own one today? What if the alien life that encounters it doesn’t have the ability to hear? And suggesting video, or buttons that illuminate to instruct the alien to “press play” to watch a video is fine, but what if they can’t see or their ability to see if restricted to certain bandwidths that prevent them from even see video or the illuminated button to press play. I could go on and on, but if they ever create a time capsule again, they should really think about these things.

  223. I think we should also send a time piece of some form. Whoever finds these recordings will need some way of understanding at what point in time we existed. I only say this because the likelyhood of some alien race finding our golden records in our life time may be very small, so the information we send will be more of a monument to our existance than an invitation to visit us. Having said that, if the spacecraft was to crash into a object like a planet then there wont be much of it left to understand. I thinks a good idea to send these objects into space even if the chances of a reply are slim to none. Man didnt get where he is today by being too afraid to wander over the next hill for fear of meeting the unknown.

    Live long and prosper.

  224. I think a picture of the International Space Station should be included because it represents humankind that tries to conquer space by working together.

  225. …………………………………….Hello I’m Thailand………………………………………..

    Hello Voyager.

    Go Go Voyager.

    Long time! Long way! Long age!

    ……………………………………..Go Go………………………………………………


  226. tell the truth, humans are cruel, evil beings who take everything and give nothing but now in the time of change and exploration we look for peace and harmony, and truth. we are pupils in a masters world looking for anything and everything we can to save ourselves and our universe before are last six years is up. Ask for answers to our own gene structure, ask for answers to physics, ask for answers in harmonics, so that maybe before its to late, we can unlock our true potential and save our own world and bring peace and harmony to the entire galaxy. We shouldn’t play music from any era because in all music there is conflict. A tunning fork would be best, a tune we can’t hear they might be able to hear and from that we can start to understand to true meaning to sound and its purpose. We should look for peace and truth before its too late and only a few remain to fix our world and start over again. 2012 is coming and only we can save ourselves by opening our third eye.

  227. Good luck on the new blog. About the golden record, was there a committee who designed the content? I’m curious how the decisions were made for those particular photos. Should we only tell about earth’s good things and not about the bad?

  228. Glad to see you guys are blogging now. And to include in the overall gold record, I’d like to hope you’d some how include the rise of people powered internet communication.

    On a side note, I’m hoping you’ll also expand this site and allow more interaction with users, sort of a soapblox style community.

  229. DNA of all the plant and animal species that we killed off.

    But I think we’d better hurry before the payload exceeds our lift capability.

  230. My advice is not to send out greeting cards until we have the ability to host guests…and ask them to leave if they do not behave themselves.

    Or at least send out ones with the wrong address. 🙂

  231. I’d create a new spacecraft that has robotics onboard which are designed to assemble engine components, which are not yet assembled, and as technology improves, the pieces can be assembled in space. The box should include: lasers, chemicals, antenna, and power source. It would be like sending a box of legos into space, and when our technology is better, we can send a signal to the pieces to assemble themselves, at which time the craft will be completed. The whole challenge is to be able to increase speed quickly. Maybe in ten years we’ll know how to assemble a laser and a chemical to create a very fast engine. Maybe if we ship a crate full of lasers and chemicals into deep space today, in ten years the robot on board can assemble them. This is the best way in which we could catch up to Voyager and photograph it, then surpass it, and become the leading craft into insterstellar space…but that’s just foolish, why race against ourselves? Answer: Maybe to prove our technology is more advanced than those guys from that 1960’s earth. Maybe to show we believe our technology will improve in the next ten years, and we have the components available today.

  232. Send them a copy of the BBC’s documentary “Planet Earth” (complete with outtakes), a portable device to play it, some batteries — which will go bad long before they get the probe — and hope that they are advanced enough to reverse-engineer a power source and play the video.

  233. We recommend a slideshow style illustration of Earth’s atmosphere over a period of time. This could show images from space of the weather imaging. Slide 1 to show the earliest images available from space with a coinciding image taken from Earth’s perspective. Take the slides on to current date.

  234. Slightly off topic… I believe that the information on the original disks should be in the Public Domain. I have so far not found a complete catalog with rationale for how each element was chosen. Those articles I have read have been very interesting and thoughtful. The original committee did a good job.

    I request that NASA release a web site with all the recordings and images along with supporting documents as part of this 30th anniversary.

    The scientists and engineers who planned the Voyager missions were superb–imagine executing a 30-year science mission with the computing technology of 1977 that continues to pay off even in our supercomputing world! Well done! Brilliant.

    Dr. Stone is an excellent spokesman who appears to still love his job 30 years later. Best regards.

  235. A very sincere, and heartfelt apology to whomever finds this asking forgiveness for how we as a race could screw up what we were given and the mockery we have made of learning.

  236. Going through pictures send by Voyagers brothers are amazing and breathtaking. It give us a feeling that how small we are in universe however at the same time it give us a sense of pride being a Hume beings, trying to see beyond our solar systems. May be voyager can see existence of life in other part of universe.

  237. i would put on the new disk a bible of all types and a understanding of what happened so people of the futer and the people who’s so far out will know what happened

  238. I would add some kind of register about global warming, population growth and natural environment devastation.

  239. I would include an episode of star trek voyager but only one without borg and without some alien ship getting destroyed. that wouldn’t be so impressing. maybe the episode “the thaw” or “one small step”

  240. I would add the book Battlefield Earth, with the comment, we do not want things to go this way.

    Then, if it were up to me, I would send the videos from the two times the Minnesota Twins won the World Series. Especially the series against Atlanta, where both teams were in last place the year before. What is more inspiring than Kirby’s game winning home run or Morris’ 10 inning shutout. At least if you are a Twins fan.

  241. y would include a message asking if them, the aliens, would like to give us his tecnology in case that it would better.

  242. I would add a picture of my girlfriend because we should present ourselves as the most beautiful creatures of this universe so we can make a good first impression.

  243. how bout a cheesburger and a pack of smokes?

    now seriously. maybe a mathematical projection of future human technological-cultural growth.(sort of subliminal “meet U there and there, as soon as i grind for a car fast enough to do it”)

  244. The pictures should be in the power point format (with the program to decifer) together with the sounds. The communication technology made the 30 year leap, which should be reflected on the quality of the pictures, or better the movie clips provided with the sounds. There should be a simple player included.

  245. If the idea was to attempt to communicate with another intelligence, it was clearly a mistake to use more than one language. The choice of the language is not important, but it should all be in the same language. An alien attempting to figure out humans will glean more from whatever written words are found elsewhere on the craft. (e.g. “Do not over tighten camera support bolts”) than the golden record, which I thought was little more than a confusing collection of Earth noise.

  246. Hi, NASA friends.
    My name is Wilson and I`m a 28 engineering student from Brazil and I like everything about NASA so much. Since I was a little boy.
    Today I love to study the universe,our galaxy and all about space.
    I Would put beautiful landscapes from the earth,beautiful photos from the US cities and the World.
    I hope to know NASA one day and the USA. to practice my english.

    Thank you.

  247. I would put these music pieces:
    – Eine kleine nachtmusik, first movement, of Mozart
    – Ninth symphony, last movement, of Beethoven.
    And also some paintings of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rembrandt.

  248. Hello !

    Kudos to the Voyager team and to the entire NASA family and greetings from India! Being a fan of the Voyager mission, I would like to include the following things from the past 30 years.


    1. The complete picture of the solar system with the Sun and the planets occupying the relative positions. Also can trace back from the origin (i.e. Earth) to the destination direction of the Voyager spacecrafts.

    2. One of the Hubble Deep Field Images describing the large scale structure of the Universe and also the deepest and the most detailed visible view of the universe – the same can be complemented with the depiction of a Telescope taking the picture from a Planet, say Earth.

    3. Picture of different “star constellations” as seen from the surface of a planet (say Earth).

    4. Picture of(Extra)Solar/ Lunar Eclipses with different phases including transits of planets.


    1. Animations of formation and death of Stars with events like Neutron star, Black Hole formation, GRBs.

    2. Video/ Animation on Water – the basic fluid of life- it’s different uses, availability, modes of usages etc.

    Sarag J Saikia

  249. Hello!

    I would include

    – The Frequencies the SETI-Folks are listening to
    – Pictures of our Night Sky as we see it with the naked Eye to show “them” where we are
    – Informations about our Interplanetary Missions Messages and where to find them
    – some modern 3-D Pictures to show that we do not live in a “Flat” World
    – some Recipes to appeal not only to the Eyes and Ears
    – some more (of my Favourite Music): Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission
    – some more Pictures and Sounds of our “Modern World”, but also some more, which carry our Culture, Spirits and Hopes or our History
    – some Literature, Epics and Poems like “The Lord of the Rings”, some Greek Epics or e. g. Norse or Sumeric Sagas, to carry Human Feelings like Love, Hate, Passion,…. . Maybe an In-Flight Re-Recordable Disc would not be bad for sending some “Updates”
    – as the Voyagers also carry a “Hardware”-Device to actually play the Records, i would also add some Seeds and some Brine Shrimp Eggs. This to carry something “living” into Space; and Brine Shrimps because their Eggs are one of the most durable Liveform i know. As the planned KEO-Mission a drop of Blood and a Soil-Sample encapsuled in a Diamond

    And just for the case of an “Emergency”: the Country-Song from the Mars-Attacks Finale as a “Hidden Track”. Just to be sure……… . ;-))

  250. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Many, many more years to your missions.

    As to what to include – explain Einstein’s famous formula.

  251. WOW! How cool is this? My son thinks this is a cool project and wanted to say that he thinks you should put a recording of Barney's “I love you” on it.

  252. We should play them Mozart and send them directions so they can come and kill us all for being so stupid as to draw attention to ourselves when we have no means of defending the Earth.

  253. If i given a chance then i would add following
    !]an image of each and every creature that are on earth now or which are vanished but were there.
    2)sound of each animal (not only few specific but all).
    3)some of the images taken by hubbel.
    4)some high frequncy sounds.
    5)few sentences from each and every region of world.
    6)aliens’ imaginery photos
    7)we have to add the photos of natural disasters and of man made like nuclear accidents or wars etc. so that they should know that earth is not just good as it looks.

  254. I would add: The dark side of the Moon album from Pink Floyd 🙂 and few images from Hubble, Spitzer and other very good space missions…

  255. let try 2 give a reference to how sencitive is the health of mother earth
    maybe somebody over there can give us a hand.like the single of the
    police message in a botlle.”send at s.o.s” 🙂

  256. Use a single language to invite them over or exchange information.
    No point confusing them. Use text engraved on a plate.

    But as a key to understanding the language, give them simple instructions to calculate a simple universal constant, like say Pi. From this they might be able to infer what the message actually means.

  257. Happy 30, i have 2 cd’s. called Voyager 1/2.

    I have called them ‘Voager One’…on the cover of Voyager One i have an image of the spacecraft, on this cd i have all male singers, ‘Voyager Two’…i have an image of the gold record, on this cd i have all female singers, both cd’s start with ‘This Is The BBC’ people from different countries saying
    ‘This Is The BBC in Washington,Dubi,Basra,Tokyo,Rome,
    ‘Where ever you are,your with the BBC’…So by the time they get through the heliosheath it will be 2017, a question i have always asked myself which way are they going,is it east,west north or south of earth,are they going back in time or going forward in time or does it not matter…as we say here in Australia, ‘Drive On’…From The Land Of The kangaroo’

  258. I would like that you send some pictures about the political division of the earth, and the all ethnical groups and the forms of the life.

  259. very cool….considering that this will be the first manmade object to leave our solar system and enter interstellar space is a great scientific achievement, especially because of the fact that we made this spacecraft with the technology we had 30 years ago. I dont think that we could make a finer machine today. we can only hope that it continues on its journey and send back as much as it’s fuel will allow.

  260. Yeah, add some DnB into it. Nascar, who likes driving a circle. Some formula 1, Kimi Raikkonen Q3 lap in Monaco 2005, real driving.

  261. I would include:
    – A blueprint of a device which can lead anything that finds the voyager to build the device and point it back to Earth.
    – Directions to building a device to point powerful radio signals back to earth.
    – I would also include scripture exerpts from the different religions of the world.
    – I would also include directions to make duplicate copies of the golden record.

  262. it is a bad idea to do this because they or something now know how to find us ,kill us,and we don’t know any thing about it or them ask yourself this!what if we are somethings food source.

  263. “Eight Miles High”
    ~The Byrds

    “American Pie”
    ~Don Mclean

    “I Saw Her Standing There”
    ~The Beatles

    says it all

  264. I have looked through many of the blogs from the public. While I found several intriguing ideas about using something other than a phonograph record, there were problems with each. A book of many pages might be too heavy and I am not sure how well paper would survive the journey. While a DVD could hold more information, the playback becomes more complicated. The idea of an array of flash memory cards somehow connected to a small computer is also interesting but I don’t know how one would power it after the RTGs have decayed.

    So I have decided to stick with content. Technology is always good but it gets outdated relatively fast when compared the the length of the spacecraft’s journey. So I thought I should stick with something that wears well over the centuries – music, sounds and pictures.

    Ed Massey, Voyager Project Manager

    Here are my choices:

    Gabby Lang wrote:

    My choice of photos for the Golden Record would be:
    1. A group photo of people from different races, explainig the diversity of the human spicies.
    2. A photo of people greeting each other, by shaking hands, hugging and even kissing.

    All the best,
    Gabby Lang.


    Franois Monet wrote:
    It would seem that during the evolution of music in the past 50 years, the most important musician or group of musicians has been The Beetle. They blended rockabilly, folk, jazz, classical, even Indian music together. Therefore, I would add one of their songs to the Golden Record. May I suggest “Here Come’s the Sun” ……………. (Not Strawberry Fields Forever)
    As for a sound? Certainly that of a PC booting up in the office at 9:00am.
    (Must be a late riser)
    And for a picture? That of glaciers melting. Ice will not outlive the Voyager spacecrafts.

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