Fermi on the go! Fermi iPhone App now available

You can now keep up to date with Fermi activities via a new iphone/ipad app developed by my Italian colleagues. This is available from iTunesĀ  (search for “fermi” to find it). Some screenshots are shown below:

The timing of this release is not accidental – the world-wide community of Fermi-users are meeting in Rome next week for the 3rd Fermi Symposium (the first was in Palo Alto, California in 2007 and the second was in Washington, DC in 2009). Over 400 scientists are meeting to discuss the implications of the exciting observations we have made with Fermi over the past 3 years, and to announce new discoveries. These meetings occur roughly every 18 months, and are a major highlight in the Fermi scientific calendar. Keep your eye out for announcements of new Fermi results next week!