NASA Technologies Improving Automotive Innovation

Right now at NASA, we’re writing the next chapter in our nation’s extraordinary story of space exploration. Partnering with private industry, we’re planning a mission to Mars and supporting America’s job creators as they take over transportation of cargo and crews to the International Space Station. As we take this next leap in space exploration, we’ll help create good-paying U.S. jobs and spur innovation and technology breakthroughs.

Today, at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, we are focusing on the innovations and technologies derived from NASA research and partnerships in a forum with MAGNET and the Center for Automotive Research at The Ohio State University. The President has repeatedly stressed that the only way for America to win the future is to out innovate, out educate, and out build our global competitors. Those three goals have been central to NASA’s mission from the beginning.

We continue to stretch the boundaries of science and the possible. Our collaborations with private industry are enhancing our ability to make the most technologically advanced spacecraft in the world to explore new destinations and take humans farther into space. Those journeys start with investments on the ground like the kind we are making in communities in Ohio.