A couple of readers brought an error to my attention regarding the type of engines used on the Atlas V.  The engines are RD-180’s, not RL-10’s as I had originally posted.  Thank you for pointing out the error!  I’ve corrected the original post.

For those interested in a little more detail on the Atlas V 400 series:

I’m really happy to see people are paying close attention.  Please keep the comments coming!  I’m getting the hang of running the blog software, and I believe now that the blog comments should be viewable publically.


5 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. This is a crazy question but is it at all possible for someone to take my traveling gnome into outer space. I have been sending my gnome all over the world but would really love it if he was able to travel outside of the Earth. He is about 5 inches tall and made of resin I believe. I am able to send pictures if needed. I know this is a lot to ask and understand if you are unable to fulfill my request, I just thought there is no harm in trying. Thanks for your time. Lindsay Martin

  2. Do we really need to be spreading debris and junk accross the face of the moon in order to conduct the analysis? In respect to the amount of the Earths surface that has been laid waist in the endevor of progress, perhaps the moon could be spaired such folly.

  3. How will the team subtract out of the spectra data those that are produced by the two spacecraft’s materials, as well as any derivatives that may be caused by interactions between them and the native crater materials?

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