Forecast for Nov. 12: 90 Percent Favorable

Aside from the slight chance of cloud ceilings at 2,000 feet, conditions look excellent with no real weather concerns at this time for the launch of Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket carrying the Cygnus cargo spacecraft on Sunday, Nov. 12. The five-minute launch window opens at 7:14 a.m. EST. The Wallops range forecast is 90 percent favorable.

The Orbital ATK Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft aboard, is seen on launch Pad-0A, Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Orbital ATK’s eighth contracted cargo resupply mission with NASA to the International Space Station will deliver about 7,400 pounds of science and research, crew supplies and vehicle hardware to the orbital laboratory and its crew. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Canadian high pressure will ridge over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states today with dry and unseasonably cold conditions. The area of high pressure will remain over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states through Sunday morning’s launch attempt, before sliding off the coast Sunday afternoon. The low-level stratus cloudiness off the Wallops coastline this morning will remain off the Wallops coastline today. As the area of high pressure begins to slide off the Northeast coastline Sunday morning, there is a slight chance of the low-level stratus moving onshore over the Wallops Region Sunday morning.

The launch was scrubbed for Nov. 11 after a small aircraft was detected in the vicinity of the launch pad, flying at about 500 feet approximately 6 miles offshore.

5 thoughts on “Forecast for Nov. 12: 90 Percent Favorable”

  1. Is it known what kind of an aircraft was it? Was it a commercial flight or just some bloke with a plane?

    1. We have confirmed it was a small aircraft flying at about 500 feet in altitude, some 6 miles offshore.

  2. due to the launch scrubbed because conditions look excellent because sunday looks great and proud and
    will be brave and bold and no hope and will be taking care of things all under control because people
    and the crowd will be watching for you on sunday because there is no faith because wallops will
    be launching tommorow morning and ready and all over the world and planet earth and george
    diller will be here on nasa tv 6 am tommorow morning and i will be and because earlier today due
    to an aircraft in the area please step away from the area because your in the launch zone area because antares wallops are so looking good conditions looking good and the international space
    station will be watching and waiting and don’t forget nasa tv will live tommorow morning at 6am
    and illinois will be watching and waiting for you on there great presentation and will be proud of
    of it all under control .

  3. Can you tell us who flew into the range and what consequences there are for that aircraft and crew? Thanks.

  4. because everything is ready and set for launch and when the solar rays deployment 2 day rondayvue to
    the international space station docking will be arriving here at the international space station on tuesday because today saturday was a bad day because tommorow sunday was a better day and smiling
    people and the crowd.

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