CRS-9: Liftoff!

Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket with Cygnus spacecraft has lifted off from Virginia Space’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0A at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This mission, CRS-9, is Orbital ATK’s ninth contracted cargo resupply mission with NASA to the International Space Station.

Credit NASA TV

Upcoming Flight Milestones (Approx. Times)

  • EDT                        Event
  • 4:47 am           Main Engine Cutoff (MECO) on Antares first stage
  • 4:47 am           Stage 1 Separation
  • 4:47 am           Fairing Separation
  • 4:48 am           Interstage Separtion
  • 4:48 am           Second stage ignition
  • 4:51 am           Stage 2 Burnout/orbit insertion
  • 4:52 am           Cygnus separation from second stage
  • 5:45 am           NASA TV Commentary resumes for Solar Array Deploy
  • 6:00 am         Solar Array Deployment Begins
  • 6:30 am         Solar Array Deployment Ends
  • 7:00 am         Post-launch news conference

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