Update 24 June Afternoon

We are happily ahead of schedule: nine of the sixteen LAT towers are now powered on, and things continue to look good.

9 thoughts on “Update 24 June Afternoon”

  1. Quite exciting! I’m anxious for the first bits of data but after the odd launch schedule I’m more than willing to be patient.

    Now is the telescope considered fully operational at 16 out of 16 LAT towers powered up? Or are there extra steps beyond that?

  2. In the next posts could you go into a little more detail explaining briefly what the acronyms mean and what each instrument does?

    Thank you.

  3. and is this telescope going to be able to look at in more detail the anomilies that fly around above and below the earths atmosphere and show us at last wether these things are ufo’s or some kind of other energy force not known to us ?. I’d also like to add i think the work that all you guys at nasa do and the achievements have been emmense and out of this world over these last couple of years, yours sincerely andiski.

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