Fermi in Cambodia


Last March, I spent an afternoon talking about Fermi to the children at Aziza’s place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Aziza’s place is a home and learning center for impoverished children. I was in Cambodia to visit my sister. She lived in an apartment next door to Aziza’s place and and had come to know the people at Aziza’s place. She suggested that I might like to visit and talk with the children about Astronomy, NASA and Fermi. It was a remarkable experience. The children had several astronomy lessons and activities in anticipation of my visit and were extremely enthusiastic and friendly. The discussion started with Fermi and astronomy and rapidly expanded to include rockets, spaceflight and the nature of the moon.

5 thoughts on “Fermi in Cambodia”

  1. so do you want to look nice doing this, why dont you give them some of your income, which i suspect is a lot

  2. Hi I am Japanase boy living in Tokyo. I am elementry school student. My big dreams study at MIT and then work in the NASA.

    please teach me the space. I love astonomy.

    If you have a chance to come Japan. Please contact me.



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