SARP 2011 Final Presentations

The last weeks of SARP seemed to fly by.  The air group headed out on several expeditions to water treatment plants in the Orange and Los Angeles county areas to take air samples. 

The Super Air Group members pose outside a water treatment facility

On Tuesday July 26 and Wedneday July 27, SARP participants gave their final American Geophysical Union-style presentations (12 minute talks with 3 minutes for questions).   For a list of the students and their presentation titles, please click here.

The audience consisted of SARP students, mentors, faculty members, Blake lab members, and NSERC staff.  In addition, we were honored to have Bruce Tagg and Randy Albertson (Director and Deputy Director of the NASA Airborne Science Program, respectively) and Dr. Ming-Ying Wei (NASA Office of Earth Science Manager of Education Programs) in the audience.

Daniel chats with Randy Albertson (lower left), Ming-Ying Wei (upper left), and Bruce Tagg (upper right) during the break between presentations

Everyone was extremely impressed with the high quality of all of the student presentations and the amount of work that was accomplished in such a short period of time.

The Land Group poses for a picture at the conclusion of their presentations with faculty member Susan Ustin, UC Davis

The Ocean group poses after their presentations with faculty member Raphe Kudela, UC Santa Cruz

The Air group poses with faculty member Don Blake of UC Irvine and Rafe Day, Blake Lab member

It has been an amazing summer filled with science, discovery, and friendship.  We are looking forward to many SARP 2011 reunions –  the first will be at AGU in December!