SARP 2012 Concludes

After a summer spent working in an airplane, in the field, in the lab, and at their computers, SARP 2012 participants finally presented the results of all of their hard work!  The SARP final presentations were attended by all of the SARP students, mentors, faculty and staff.  In addition, Randy Albertson (Deputy Director of NASA’s Airborne Science Program), Dr. Ken Jucks (Program Manager for NASA’s Upper Atmospheric Research Program) and Dr. Ming-Ying Wei (NASA Office of Earth Science Manager of Education Programs) also traveled to Irvine to watch the student presentations.

Dr. Ming-Ying Wei talks to SARP participants about graduate fellowship opportunities at NASA

Many students were quite nervous before the talks began, but everyone overcame their nerves and gave fantastic presentations on their exciting results!

SARP participant, Olivia Clifton, presents her research project

Each student gave an American Geophysical Union (AGU)- style conference presentation  (12 minute talk, 3 minutes for questions) on the results of his or her individual research project.  In addition, each student wrote an abstract (all abstracts can be found here)

Videos of all of the student presentations have been posted on the SARP 2012 website:

The eight students from Team Delicious (Ustin group) and then the eight Aquanauts (Kudela group) presented their results on the first day.  The BNB’s (Lefer group) and WAS (Blake group) presented on the second day.

The Ustin and Kudela groups pose after completing their final presentations (Tuesday August 7)

The Lefer and Blake groups after their final presentations (Wednesday August 8)

The quality of research was so high this year that nine of the thirty-two SARP students submitted first-author abstracts to conferences with their faculty advisors and mentors as co-authors (eight students submitted to the AGU meeting in San Francisco and one will submit to the ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting in New Orleans).

We are all so proud of the quality of science that the students accomplished in only 8-weeks!