Onboard the Icebreaker in Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbor, Alaska, June 13 – The scientific teams that will be heading to the Arctic on NASA’s first scientific ocean voyage moved their gear and themselves onto the U.S. Coast Guard’s icebreaker Healy. Tonight will be the first of many nights on the Healy for the ICESCAPE crew as they prepare for the five-week voyage.


This afternoon after receiving berth assignments and a safety briefing, the scientists and technicians discussed the immediate work ahead: setting up instruments, equipment and laboratory space. There will be a whirlwind of activity on the Healy all day Monday to get everything in place and in working order. The ship is scheduled to leave Dutch Harbor early Tuesday morning.


You can now follow the ICESCAPE voyage on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ICESCAPE2010



Boarding the Healy. 

Photos: NASA/Steve Cole


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  1. The pics look great I just loged on NASA.GOV too check on next shuttle launch and info and (WOW) there’s HEALY THE GREAT, i read every thing. went through all the video and pics i cant wait for more fun pics and video Im going too follow close has poss. thanks again

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