On the Healy: The Daily Schedule


From:  Haley Smith Kingsland, Stanford University



“The Board of Lies,” or “half-truths,” jokes science system engineer Dale Chayes, hangs in the main science lab at the Healy‘s stern. Chief scientist Kevin Arrigo constantly updates this plan of the day for the science operations to keep us all on track. A camera photographs the Board of Lies every two minutes, and pictures appear on an internal computer server so scientists and crew can check the daily schedule from anywhere on the ship. However, the plan changes continuously and hence the Board of Lies is almost always wrong at any instant in time.




4 thoughts on “On the Healy: The Daily Schedule”

  1. It’s very horrible boring!

    But you are scientists a lot!!!!

    Me. I would like to be one of them…

    But, probably the intention is the action????


  2. Can I help you ? I’ve a large experience in this kind of job . I spent three years of my life on the sea working as crew on board .
    It’s a nice job !!

  3. For the schedule it seems the travel is long an icy.

    But compelling with the association of ice + carbon + magma + volcan; all together now form fashion.

    Atmosphere relates and nature destroyes.


    If we were Mars and Mars we…?

    Earth would be¡¡¡

  4. I’m a proud stay-at-home member of the B. G. Mitchell SPG group at UCSD-SIO; I love being able to participate vicariously in the day-to-day happenings on this monumental entre by NASA into studies of our planet’s marine ice ecosystems… VERY COOL..!(as we say in California). Keep up the good work TEAM ICESCAPES, we back at home are behind you 100% and wish you good luck with your gear..!


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