Our Voyage, by the Numbers

From: Haley Smith Kingsland, Stanford University, and Emily Kehrt, U.S. Coast Guard



Researchers working on the ice during one of our last ice stations. (Photo by Haley Smith Kingsland)



Plankton images Sam Laney’s Imaging FlowCytobot collected: 1.5 million


Meal plates served on the mess deck: 12,900


Gallons of water made: 7,937


Nautical miles traveled: 5,430


CTD rosette water sampling bottles closed: 1,172


Coffee drinks sold in the ship store: 500


Science deployments: 366


Bottom depth at deepest science station (meters): 305


CTD rosette casts: 158


Science stations: 140


New “polar bears” initiated: 51


Days underway: 37


Mustaches grown/maintained for competition: 31


Bottom depth at shallowest science station (meters): 22


Days with more than five hours of “foggy” skies: 16


Ice stations: 12


Polar bears sighted: 7


Sunsets: 5