Photo Album: Final Ice Stations


From: Haley Smith Kingsland, Stanford University



Ice Station 10





Ice Station 10: Stanford University researchers (front row) haul crates of ice cores back to the Healy, while Clark University researchers (back row) deploy an optical profiler underneath a melt pond through the sea ice to examine how light varies with depth in the water beneath.





Ice Station 11: Matt Mills of Stanford University fills a glass bottle with under-ice water for Christie Wood of Clark University.





Ice Station 11: Ruzica Dadic lifts an instrument that records the amount of solar radiation through the sea ice. She holds it above her head so her face doesn’t affect the measurements.





Ice Station 12: During the final ice station, a few scientists plus Coast Guard rescue swimmer and swimmer tender walked to the edge of the floe and back conducting measurements — a total distance of about a mile.



All photos by Haley Smith Kingsland 

4 thoughts on “Photo Album: Final Ice Stations”

  1. For some reason I’m seeing a “NASA meets Deadliest Catch” special in the future!

  2. these are hard to live conditions still the peace and untouched beauty makes it look like heaven on earth.
    Letting these melting down is like loss of an eternal treasure.

  3. Dear Sirs,
    Congratulations for your job ! and I would like suggest that all of your studies and information will be send to media (TV news, twitter,schools, etc.) because is important more and more people knows your studies and how it effect in our planet (mainly the young students).
    Many thank you and kind regards,
    Roberto Islas

  4. at the risk of sounding ignorant, is the reason that the instrument held above Ruzica Dadic’s head be effected by her face is the reflection; in the Ice Station 11 photo? It isn’t effected by her hands? Why so different?

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