12 thoughts on “CRS-3 Launch Coverage on NASA TV”

  1. Hopefully Orbital Sciences has figured out why the rocket exploded and installs additional safety features. Geep, I bet a lot of expensive cargo went down with that launch… Anyway, while Orbital is reworking their design the other resupply services probably should step up their launches. SpaceX might be able to manage it, dunno about ESA or Russia.

  2. Was watching the countdown with my husband on the phone to share the joy of the launch. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    This was terrible and sad.

  3. For the past few years i have gotten really into what Nasa has been doing. I look forward for the Orion landing in a few days. It is a tragedy this rocket exploded. I hope Nasa has a back up plan. I was looking forward to seeing this rocket going up.

  4. If they said the thing did not launch on the 27’th, then what was that rising light, with an obvious first stage separation, visible from NY state rural areas on the 27th, right about scheduled launch time ??

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