9 thoughts on “Helen of Earth”

  1. May we be that Alien force and launch a thousand ships; looking back, you help us take her back as our own.

  2. That was awesome Don, loved it! Earth is definitely the most beautiful planet in the galaxy.

    -Nate from Canada

  3. I wrote this for the Face Of Mars…

    Inspired by The Eyes that stare, Soul Inspired to find what’s there, Are all things hidden ment to be found? The beauty of my lust is it’s so profound,

    A rock of dust but was this once true? Only you know The beauty I speak of is you, are only your secrets ment for the ones who seek? I have so many questions My Existance seems so bleak, If you are the light then why seem so dark? What creates the Thunder starts out as a spark,

    Your Pain. I’m so in awe, More and more you ask for me to seek, so cryptic Your love hidden deep, Have we been there once in time? or is this another story along the line, Forever gone? and Forever True, I’ll see one day I’m coming back home to you..

  4. Bom dia,

    Linda imagem e linda poesia, que o pai celestial o conserve asim e toda a equipe da NASA.

  5. What a lovely picture & poem! My mind is left wandering and thanking you for sharing your unique and privileged perspective with the world.

    Many thanks and godspeed!


  6. Don,

    Can you tell me the location of the Helen of Earth image? I assume that the clouds are a result of the interaction of the atmospheric flow and topographical features. If so, which country for islands?

    We would like to use the image in a government publication that we are preparing on space observations of the Earth. Should the photo credit be: Astronaut Don Pettit?


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