Cygnus-X northeast region with segments showing the magnetic field orientations and curves highlighting filaments and sub-filaments.

Cygnus-X northeast region. Background image was constructed from Herschel SPIRE 250um in red, Herschel PACS 70um in green, and Spitzer MIPS 24um in blue. Red polygon indicates region surveyed for near-infrared, H-band (1.6um) stellar polarizations. Cyan segments indicate the magnetic field orientations derived from those NIR polarizations. Dashed white curves highlight filaments and sub-filaments cataloged by Hennemann et al. (2012) and new filaments and subfilaments from this study. The green polygon shows the DR21 Ridge region surveyed using SOFIA HAWC+ E-band (214um) polarization and the inscribed smaller magenta polygon shows the corresponding HAWC+ A-band (52um) polarization surveyed region. Credit: Herschel/Spitzer/SOFIA/Hennemann et al./Clemens et al.