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Carolina MartinezCarolina Martinez, JPL News Team

Thank you to all for the wonderful comments of encouragement on this new blog.  We hope we can live up to your expectations and it’s wonderful to read all the well-wishes.  For those who’d like to get updates via the RSS feed, click here to get updates directly to your computer.  You’ll find the RSS icon in the light gray panel near the top – near where it says Enceladus-flyby-Mar2008. The RSS feed is for all NASA blogs, not just this one.  Thanks for all the inputs as well, we’ll try to incorporate this feedback on future blogs.  When you submit a comment, please keep comments on the subject of this blog and please do not include links to other sites.

A preview of what’s to come . . . later today Todd will join us to tell us what the spacecraft and navigation teams are up to and we hope to post some Optical Navigation images today.  John and/or Amanda are writing up more details on plume hazards.  Meanwhile, Amanda’s at the Lunar and Planetary Society Conference and will be reporting briefly from there.  Speaking of the LPSC, there are lots of Cassini results being presented there; to get summaries on those abstracts check out this feature.

3 thoughts on “RSS Feeds and More”

  1. are there any instrumente on the spacecraft that could detect any sign of microbial life?

  2. Well Carolina Martinez, This is nice to fly by Encelad so close.
    Let’s us know how much dust Material is comeing from the Plumeage.
    P.S Wish you lock on the fly by , Bcause there could some Grauitational pull from Encelad.

  3. I suggest that for the post times you note what time zone the time relates to. Otherwise it is hard to tell how recent it is. Great idea for the blog by the way. Keep it up for other big events!

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