I’m all ’bout that Parker, ’bout that Parker Solar Probe – in Virtual Reality!

The first mission to touch the Sun – Parker Solar Probe – will be launching in less than a month! We are beginning our month long campaign to focus on supporting all the great NASA scientists working on the Parker Solar Probe mission. First, Parker in Virtual Reality!

Over the next month we will demo a wide range of technologies related to the Parker mission. From 3D printers to touch-tables and Virtual Reality.

In fact the superb team building our beautiful Parker Solar Probe, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, has already been using cutting edge visualization technologies. Engineers at JHU APL have been using an Augmented Reality tool from NASA’s JPL to help build and test the spacecraft.  The YouTube clip below is by APL’s mechanical design engineer, Devin Hahne, describing some steps involved with the installation of spacecraft components.

The feature picture the top is a taster of what we have installed for you! It is a simple computer screenshot of a virtual reality environment. It is our prototype to learn more about how a camera on Parker will be seeing the solar atmosphere. But…

If you want to see an exclusive early viewing of our virtual reality environment, then come visit us!! The team and I will be on the road waiting for you to visit us at the Kennedy Space Center between July 30  and August 7.


2 thoughts on “I’m all ’bout that Parker, ’bout that Parker Solar Probe – in Virtual Reality!”

    1. Hi Avi,
      A great question! Everything you could possibly ever want to know about Parker can be found at here.
      the site has all the information from how and when Parker will launch; where it will go; What are the fundamental science questions NASA is trying to answer; Spacecraft instruments and design; and much more.

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