Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Hello everybody, and greetings from the STEM Innovation team. During our journey of discovery, together, we will be sharing and conversing with you as we test emerging technology products coming to market; hack hardware; and prototype software algorithms to visualize the universe. We will be describing our journey in many social and traditional media. So come find us! Contribute, collaborate and innovate with NASA scientists!!

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Where’s Parker? An interactive orbit viewer for the web

We have created a “where’s Parker?” web viewer. To help navigate where our Parker spacecraft will be in the future and to better understand how close to the Sun it will be going, check out our new interactive web tool that we quickly prototyped in a week.

A freshman intern from the US Naval Academy (Abhishek Gorti) worked closely with me over the summer, and we spent a week to prototype a web development tool that everyone can use. All the software to recreate the orbit viewer is open source and available.

As an inspiration from our earlier blog about interactive touch-tables, we used D3 software web development to create an interactive display on the internet for everyone to better understand where the Parker spacecraft is going.

The telemetry data for Parker came directly from the raw orbital information, which was then saved into a simple asii format. The file is available in our open source repo linked above. So feel free to take it to better understand for yourself.

What other features do you think would be really cool to add? Anyone brave enough to take our repo and add something on top, maybe a circle where the planets, Venus and Mercury, are located? Let us know how you get along!!

I’m all ’bout that Parker, ’bout that Parker Solar Probe – in Virtual Reality!

The first mission to touch the Sun – Parker Solar Probe – will be launching in less than a month! We are beginning our month long campaign to focus on supporting all the great NASA scientists working on the Parker Solar Probe mission. First, Parker in Virtual Reality!

Over the next month we will demo a wide range of technologies related to the Parker mission. From 3D printers to touch-tables and Virtual Reality.

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Interactive multi-touch tables. Too daunting to create software?

Absolutely not!! Sure you can find a specialist developer for gaming engines like Unity or Unreal to beautifully design programs specially for interactive multi-touch tables. But simple web design features can make touch tables a real joy to work with.

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Internet of things – Flashy lights inside the home

A NASA intern recently tried making a cube of LED lights flash different colors using Arduino Uno microcontroller. If you are as excited with hacking new technology as we are in the STEM Innovation Lab, then we would love to hear more from you!

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