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NASA EDGE Fans at Everest Base Camp

 AstroJournalist Keith Cowing and Astronaut Scott Parazynski at Everest Base Camp.  Photo: Yeti
Wow!  Apparently, we have a small contingent of fans in Nepal! 

Or course, they are not there for NASA EDGE.  These two Everest Insiders and Outsiders are at Mount Everest base camp preparing to make their epic ascent to the summit.  You can follow their progress, along with their entire team, at http://OnOrbit.com/Everest.  And even though they have their very own goofy co-host, we expect nothing but success.

Stay safe guys!

The NASA EDGE Goofy Co-Host   

2 thoughts on “Everyone's a Goofy Co-Host”

  1. hey guys nepal is not a country to expect lot many fans of u there, its the place where u can b a fan of nature! Anyways have a good time and successful research, probably abt the effects of high altitude, or sth like that ! good luk !

  2. I was looking for new posts when I noticed this one that I have not read yet. It’s great! I love it that the photo is taken by the Yeti! Lols!

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