T-24: Everyone (Even You) Can Use Satellite Data

NASA has an entire fleet of satellites collecting data around our planet. That data doesn’t stay just with. You can download and use it!

You can learn how to use NASA data through the Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) program. It helps people build skills that integrate all these Earth science data into their decision making.

During an ARSET training, you’ll learn how to use data from a variety of Earth-observing satellites and instruments.

Trainings are held online and in person around the world and are offered in air quality, climate, disaster, health, land, water resources and wildfire management.

For example, if you’re trying to track how much fresh drinking water is available in your watershed, you can learn how to find satellite data on precipitation or things like soil moisture and water quality.

NASA logo with the blue circle replaced with EarthAnd best yet, all NASA Earth observing data is open and freely available to the whole world!