NASA 360 On A Roll!

Hey, lots of stuff has happened since we launched the website a few weeks ago.  We’ve been getting tons of downloads and positive feedback about the program.  In fact, last week NASA 360 was the #1 downloaded vodcast for NASA!  So thanks to all of you who watch. We have new programs we’re working on right now, so keep checking back often to see what we are up to.  

Program #5 will be going out to closed captioning this week, so that will be up in the next few weeks.  This new program highlights the Hubble telescope and other cool topics. We’re also getting set to do a story in Philadelphia about how NASA technology is being used in professional and amateur sports.  We will be shooting with Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek  from West Chester University to see how she has been using technology originally used at NASA to help protect athletes.  She’s worked with the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Flyers just to name a few… so stay tuned.  Have more info on that soon.  Please keep sending your questions and comments to us, We love to hear from you.