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The NASA 360 crew went down to Kennedy Space Center and filmed aboard the “Crawler.” This megatruck weighs over 6 million pounds and carries the Space Shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to one of the launchpads.

We also filmed how Shuttle tiles are created from a slurry mix to a solid brick, ready for installation. And finally, we witnessed first hand how NASA packs and creates parachutes for Earth and Space missions.

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NASA 360 crew

NASA 360 in New Mexico

We just returned home from shooting another segment out at the White Sands Test Facility near Las Cruces, New Mexico.  While there we shot a story about how NASA tests materials to make sure they are not too noxious for our astronauts.  In the picture you can see that Tom and I were smelling some of the test materials.  Some smelled pretty good, but others were awful!  We also shot a story about the Hyper velocity test facility out there.  That is where they shoot projectiles at over 17000 mph to test different material strength.  This show should be out soon , but you can see pictures of this shoot and others at this site:

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