Welcome to NASA 360!

On location in Times Square  

On location in Times Square. Photo: Kevin Krigsvold

Hey everyone, NASA 360 is finally on-line. We’ll be posting new programs shortly. Our crew and hosts will be available to chat this week to answer any questions you have about our new program. We’ll be posting behind the scenes clips and outtakes as well. Future episodes of NASA 360 are available in HD and can be downloaded from the nasa.gov site. Our team is looking forward to chatting with you!


NASA 360 producer/videographer

9 thoughts on “Welcome to NASA 360!”

  1. I watched all these programs on a rainy evening. What an inspiration to a young generation of explorers interested in what NASA can accomplish now and in the future. These programs are fantastic. I hope NASA can continue providing quality programs. What fantastic locations and intersting topics, I look forward to the next one. Where are you off to next?

    Samuel P.

  2. What software are you using to do your editing? What software are you using to do your titling and some of the more complex layered transitions? I work for a training department at a utility and we are wanting to try some of the effects you incorperate in NASA 360. The program is very interesting visually as well as its educational content. Thanks!

    KD Brown

  3. NASA 360 is off to Hawaii in early November to film on top of Mauna Kea. We’ll also head down to Volcanoes National Park to film at the waters edge. Stay tuned for more updates on our travels.

    NASA 360 is edited on an AVID Media Composer Nitris DX. We film all our programs in HD, 720P, 30 frames per second. We modify AVID effects and use Magic Bullet Looks Suite. A very nice program. Some of titles are pre-produced by an artist, but we actually use AVID titles quite a bit. Again, all the titles are heavily modified during editing. The layered transitions are a combination of Looks Suite and AVID effects. If you use an AVID I can be more specific on which effects are used and how they are manipulated. Glad you enjoy the program, we love producing it.

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  5. I want to know what will happen to gravity if the planet stops rotating. I understand the basic ideas behind magnetic fields and the concept of inertia. I tend to think that if the earth stood still, we would lose our gravity and our atmosphere would disipate. Please tell me if this is true.
    I would also like to know what would happen as a result of a polar shift as I have theories about that as well, but they are tied to the first question.
    Finally, and this may seem stupid but, if the earth began to rotate backwards, what would happen to time? How would it affect the rest of the solar system? I am a pool player, so I know that when you spin a ball backwards, depending on how you hit it, it will either travel backwards, or it will fly forwards at a much faster rate. Please answer my questions as I am very concerned about the outcomes.

  6. I have the new wide screen on my p/c moniter //what a difference /watching you from home./Kenneth

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