NASA 360 Shooting In Philly Done

We just came back from shooting at West Chester University just outside of Philadelphia for and upcoming NASA 360 program.  We shot with Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek who talked to us about the Core Temperature Device that she has been using to help keep athletes safe from heat stroke.  This device was originally developed for NASA astronauts, but is now being used by amateur and professional athletes alike.  

We left from Norfolk early in the morning for our 5 hour drive up to the Philly area.  The drive took a little longer than expected because our host Johnny was supposed to meet us for lunch at a little place called the Dog House by the Delaware Memorial bridge.  Well, Johnny got a little turned around, so we ended up waiting for more than an hour for him to show up.  When he called and told us that he was “very close” we determined that he was about 50 miles away from us!  So we just met him later at the University.  

The shoot was great.  Dr. Fowkes Godek is a wealth of knowledge and really helped us understand how important this type of device can be to keep athletes safe from heat stroke.  She has worked with the Philadelphia Eagles and with the Flyers hockey team in the past, and her research is changing conventional wisdom about how to prevent heat stroke.  This episode won’t be out for a few months but keep an eye out for it because the topic is fascinating.  

5 thoughts on “NASA 360 Shooting In Philly Done”

  1. Hi!

    I think NASA 360 is really great. It is very important to make the public interested in space exploration. If people think “NASA” is something to eat, NASA will not get any money because nobody knows about it.

    Keep on! You are doing a very great job!

    With kind regards!
    Okuro Oikawa

  2. Terri said…


    On Nov 18, 2008 01:00:00 PM Terri wrote:

    Looking forward to the NASA 360 programs, they sound
    fascinating! Enjoy your day!


  3. Ben chimed in with…


    On Nov 19, 2008 05:40:07 PM Ben Dixon wrote:

    Hey guys!

    I live in the UK and visited NASA a few years ago, I find it fascinating. Just browsing the site and found these blogs. Can somebody please tell me a little more information about the NASA 360 programme? What is it involved with?

    Thanks in advance guys,

    Ben Dixon

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