Desert Rats

Our crew was excited as we left Flagstaff the morning of Sept. 12th. After a quick breakfast we headed to Black Point Lava Flow where NASA’s Desert Rats program was testing the LER, or Lunar Electric Rover. Tri-ATHLETE was also there, drilling in the side of a crater and moving around the desert very slowly. It was a beautiful day for filming. Johnny Alonso had his lines down and we shot some stand-ups around the LER and Tri-ATHLETE. With some time left in the day, we headed North to the Grand Canyon’s south rim. Our crew enjoyed the views while Tom shot some 3D footage for NASA. Johnny shot some promo’s and bumps for 360. What a view!

 LER   Johnny wrapping a shot     

Day 2 consisted of rain, lots of it. We fit some filming in between and got what we needed. We interviewed astronaut Mike Gernhardt and geologist Brent Garry through the com-link while they sat in the LER. After lunch, which consisted of Pop Tarts and beef jerky, we did some Facebooking and Tweeting while inside the Media vault. With storm clouds looming, the LER pulled up to home base for the last time. Hard rain forced it in the tent as Mike and Brent emerged after a 2 week stint inside.  As Mike jumped off the LER, Johnny was the first to give him a high five and congratulations. (We’ll post a clip on the NASA 360 facebook page.) After the LER was cleaned and photo’s taken, Johnny and camerman Mike Bibbo went inside to interview astronaut Mike Gernhardt. Johnny sat on the right, with Mike on the left. It was fantastic, what a thrill. Mike said he would do it all over again and hopes to drive the LER on the Moon one day. A big thanks to Mike for the interview, and to the entire Desert Rats team for allowing us to join them for this historic event. Look for the show coming up in a month or so. Check out more photos of the shoot at

 Mike Gernhardt, Johnny Alonso  

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  1. wow, what a wonderful experience you have everyday!! I wish I would be part of it. Nice snaps also. Enjoy working is this.

  2. i always dream to be one of the guys to be able to moonwalk during my younger days.. hope one day in the future, we are able to tour the moon.. Take care..

  3. You guys really need to use thumbnail images and size your image placeholders to scale; these shots are each around 5MB a piece! Took me — on cable connection — about 10 years to load this single post. That’s a great way to scare away your audience.

    Cut to size, save for web. Your pics should be no more than 30kb a piece at this size (200px wide).

  4. Thats a nice looking vehicle. I can see in future people driving these on one of the moon colonies?


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  7. I'd like to experience this ;D would learn a lot… btw. if you want to learn faster visit and become astronaut! ;D

  8. Hi, that is a beautiful view, I think would be great enjoy walking on moon, but some days ago I read a news that it says now the Plan to go againg at moon is it not anymore, if that truth is sad becacuse is the most Possible to visit in the futuro if is.

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  11. It was a beautiful day for filming. Johnny Alonso had his lines down and we shot some stand-ups around the LER and Tri-ATHLETE.

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  16. My uncle thought the whole moon landing was staged and did not really happen I remember watching the first landing when I was a kid: One small step for a man….one giant leap for mankind. What a stupendous event!!!

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