17 thoughts on “Next Program on Desert Rats and Other Analog Testing is Now Up.”

  1. Nice program. When will I be able to see it on NASA TV in HD? The download looks great, but I have a large HD TV and would love to categorize NASA 360 on my TiVo. How many more shows will you produce? I look for new ones all the time.

  2. NASA 360 airs in HD on WHRO in Norfolk Virginia. Unfortunately that is the only place it airs in HD right now. I am not sure when NASA TV will switch over to HD, but when they do we will provide them the program in HD.

    We are currently writing and producing new programs. In our next release we will be highlighting the x-48b Blended Wing Body aircraft. That program should be ready in a month or so.

    Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. antimatter- people say that antimatter destroy any thing it touch but have u tought about having that enigey would be grate. come on guys using it to go faster in space using antimater as fule u know what i mean i want to work for nasa oneday

  4. It it great a find a community where from where I can gather useful information about what is going on In NASA. I have a great time in this community.


  5. NASA 361.

    Oil Freezing. Oil and liquid nitrogen for example. What is the matter? Where is NASA?


  6. I read in a magazine that NASA by using their composite devices are dividing the circle into 400 degrees and not 360. now vertical is 100, is it true?

  7. i love this site as its so informative and great pictures — though i find myself spending too long on it!!!

  8. The latest NASA 360 document featuring the Godforsaken RATS testing in Arizona, Tent Lake in Canada and NEEMO off the Florida seacoast is now online.

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