NASA 360 Western Swing!

The NASA 360 crew recently returned home after a trip out to Denver to shoot in the Lockheed Martin High Bay, then on to Arizona to film the Desert Rats Testing.  While in Denver we shot interviews for the Juno mission to Jupiter, Maven Mission to Mars, and the GRAIL Mission to the Moon.  After a fast couple of days there, we rolled out to Arizona where we went to shoot the Desert RATS testing out by Flagstaff.  When we left Denver in the morning it was about 47 degrees.  It was only 115 degrees when we got to Phoenix!

We had a great trip and will have new shows up very soon.  Look for our latest show on Composite Materials at our website: 360

You can see pictures from our Western Trip here:

14 thoughts on “NASA 360 Western Swing!”

  1. I can’t imagine 115 degrees outside. I live where it can be 1 degree sometime, so I guess I should say the same thing about that. Does NASA supply you with a when you went to Denver?

  2. I am happy to see that most people will see your blog as an answer to something they cannot understand.
    I find it very funny that any confussion is only from their lack of schooling and an improper diet. lol Z:)

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