Take a Spin Around The Inside of Altair


One of the things we get a lot of questions about is what the inside of the Altair lunar lander will look like. Well, initial concept work is already underway, and the NASA team is busy exploring Altair’s design. While the details of what the crew cabin will look like are still being figured out, what is known is that Altair will carry four astronauts to the lunar surface and will serve as their home for up to a week.

Altair is big. One current concept is that it will stand more than 30 feet high and will be almost 45 feet wide at the footpads. There are mock-ups already built at the Johnson Space Center in Houston where habitability teams are working inside, trying out different configurations. These teams are taking a look at how astronauts will live and work inside, so that Altair can be built in the best way possible for the mission.

Click on the link below and take a quick spin around the inside of Altair. It’s a conceptand NASA is exploring othersbut as you can see, it will be very different from anything we’ve designed before.

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  1. This is interesting. I have a thousand questions, but I see you are already at work. But this video runs too fast for me to get a good idea. Why don’t you make it an interactive 3D model?

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