NASA 360's Mind Body Connection

Our latest NASA 360 program is all about the mind body connection.  We take a deeper look at how machines are being used to help make our lives better.  In this episode we show how biofeedback training is helping kids with ADHD, how astronauts use 3-d to train here on Earth before going into space, how technology is being use to help people with injuries back here on Earth, plus lots more.  Check out the program and tell us what you think!


13 thoughts on “NASA 360's Mind Body Connection”

  1. Great show. I enjoy watching your programs. I didn’t know NASA produces such fantastic programming in house. Great camera work and locations.

  2. On Mar 05, 2009 10:36:01 PM Mark wrote:

    It’s amazing that I read this…just today, I read that we are five years away from a total virtual “helmet” for all five senses (being developed in England). We will be able to experience software that is virtual and can take us anywhere from earth to space. We’ll be able to feel the touch of rocks, smell the odor of the planet, etc. This is quite an amazing day that we live in. I would love to explore space in reality…but hey, I’ll do it virtual style if possible!

  3. Damn good show. I’ve seen nothing like it coming from NASA. NASA TV needs this type of programming. I wish it was available in my area. Download looks good though.

  4. On Apr 27, 2009 08:19:26 PM Scott wrote:
    Excellent show. I am very interesting in what you are doing with ADHD and how it is helping children. Looking forward to hearing more information on this subject.

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  5. This is by far my favourite episode of Nasa 360- there is so much to learn from it and it’s all so interesting! Again, the hosts are SO awesome, especially Johnny’s alert and fun personality!!! He is really fun to watch and keeps you on the edge of your seat! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  6. There are millions of tech-savvy companies who are keep on doing, creating and experimenting for this kinda robotic stuff but NASA just took less efforts at their end comparatively. Mc –

  7. There are millions of who are keep on doing, creating and for this kinda but NASA just took less efforts at their end comparatively. Mc –

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