NASA 360 heads to Hawaii!!!

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In episode 8, NASA 360 learns how lunar soil can be turned into breathable oxygen and drinkable water, and we visit some of the world’s most amazing observatories at the top of the world. We also discover how NASA is helping us monitor volcanoes all over the world…

We were able to film in front of an active volcano in Volcanoes National Park, and we filmed in a lava tube 30 feet below ground. It was a lot of fun, and our crew met some fantastic people on the big island. Thanks to everyone who made this adventure possible.


Mike – Co Producer

11 thoughts on “NASA 360 heads to Hawaii!!!”

  1. I love this episode- lot’s of cool information and Johnny really livens up the whole atmosphere!

  2. Wow! Your everyday adventure can make any guy jealous, Mike. Kudos on your works of art. And great discovery regarding lunar soil! Who knew?

    Keep it up, guys!

  3. This is really a nice experience filming an active volcano must be a real fun and extremely adventurous.I have once seen an active volcano its like a
    .I wish i could have been in your team to share such experience.

  4. Wow I think it must be fun and excite traveling in front of an active volcano!
    I've once riding nearby volcano in Indonesia, very fantastic place.

  5. hey Mike great stuff.
    I met your dad at a Wagner College Golf Tournament last week.
    I’m facinated with NASA and the Shuttle progam and a mutual friend of mine and you dad; Andy Cortese mentioned it to him and we talked about you for the next half hour. He gave me the site.
    I know where you get some of your character, he’s a great speaker and seems like a real good guy.
    Went to see a few Shuttle launches, but both were scrapped because of weather and technical problems. I know there are 6 left and I’m hoping to get down there and finally see the real thing at one of these launches next year.
    Good luck and tell your Dad I said hi.
    Best Regards.

  6. We all really love & enjoy this episode- lot’s of cool information and Johnny really livens up the whole atmosphere!

    Big Thanks to everyone involved who made this adventure possible.

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