NASA 360 wins Emmy Award!

Michael Bibbo and Kevin Krigsvold

It was the 51st Annual Capital Region Emmy Awards. NASA 360 won the Emmy for Editing in a Non-News televised program. Both our hosts attended the ceremony. Over 600 entries were submitted with 169 nominations and only 77 winners. The Ritz-Carlton hotel was buzzing when Oprah Winfrey made a surprise appearance to celebrate a lifetime achievement award with a former co-worker.  Johnny and Jen celebrated with the crew into the early morning hours. We had a blast. We love producing this program, stay tuned for more next month.

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Oprah Winfrey                                                        Jennifer Pulley and Johnny Alonso


7 thoughts on “NASA 360 wins Emmy Award!”

  1. No commercial links in the sigs, please. We can’t post ’em like you write ’em when you do that. Really. links are OK.


    On Jun 08, 2009 05:31:32 AM Jim wrote:
    Congrats, guys! Keep it up! You’re doing an amazing job and you deserve this award. I’m sure more awards will be rolling in. Kudos to all of you and hope you’ll gain even more prominence for the work you do.


  2. YAY! Congratulations! I am so happy for you both. I wish you much more success with this and future shows. Can’t wait to see you Big Brother!


  3. NASA 360 has won numerous awards, including four Communicator Awards for overall program and editing, two Omni Awards for overall program and editing, two Davey Awards for overall program and editing, two Marcom Awards, and two Ava Awards, as well as two Videographer awards, four Telly awards (including the 30th Anniversary Telly Award for Overall Program and Editing), and two EMPIXX awards. We can get to know more about it by one special .

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