30- by 60-Foot Wind Tunnel testing

Last Friday we filmed in the historic 30- by 60-Foot Wind Tunnel at Langley Research Center. We were getting some shots of the new X-48 BWB, or Blended Wing Body. The footage will be used for an upcoming NASA 360 program on Green technologies. Engineers lifted the scale model on to the stage in preparation for low speed wind testing. It was only about 110 degrees in the non-air conditioned facility. I’m glad everything was in focus while sweat was dripping on to the lens.
For some cool info on the Full Scale Tunnel go to :

4 thoughts on “30- by 60-Foot Wind Tunnel testing”

  1. wow – these pictures look really hawt. can’t wait to see this footage.
    loved the Johnson Space Center episode. i caught our episode here in los angeles last week – you mentioned sweat dripping off the camera lens – remember how hot it was when we shot on location at the Johnson Space Center?? dude…

  2. Awesome photos, but I love history and that photo (followed the link above) of the Vought F4U-1 Corsair going into the wind tunnel brings back a lot of memories. I would be interested to see the data on the F4U-1 specs from the wind tunnel compared to the X-48.


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