Check out Constellation's new mobile launcher

Check out the photos of the new Constellation Program mobile launcher being built at the Kennedy Space Center. 

The photos can be found under the HOT PICS listings on the Kennedy Space Center Media Gallery.


 At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the tower on a new mobile launcher, or ML, for the Constellation Program grows as the fourth section is lowered into position. The tower will be approximately 345 feet tall when completed and have multiple platforms for personnel access. The ML is being built at the mobile launcher park site area north of Kennedy’s Vehicle Assembly Building. The launcher will provide a base to launch the Ares I, designed to transport the Orion crew exploration vehicle, its crew and cargo to low Earth orbit. The base is being made lighter than space shuttle mobile launcher platforms so the crawler-transporter can pick up the heavier load of the tower and taller rocket. For information on the Ares I, visit

7 thoughts on “Check out Constellation's new mobile launcher”

  1. Wow, what an awesome structure this will be once its complete. I cannot wait to see Ares I with Orion on top ready to launch. As a young Aerospace Engineering student, that would be the most inspiring day of my life. I just hope it makes it to completion.

  2. cool but we need more intresting picturs for the comunite around the world. trie to get the picture sothern hemis phere.

  3. Weren’t the MLP’s used for the shuttle modified from ones for Saturn V’s and their Launch tower?
    If that was the case than the S-V tower would have been much heavier than the shuttle and the crawlers were able to move that.
    Why the need to build totally new MLP’s? Couldn’t the shuttle MPL’s be converted?

  4. The Crawlers are the same ones from the 1960’s,they have never changed.It’s only the mobile platforms and launch towers that are renewed/modified. Different vehicles need different structures,because they’re new designs.It all has to mesh together perfectly.

    This looks GREAT keep going NASA.!!!.

  5. well done but if Nasa really want to see more thing . she can do much more beeter then that one !!!!

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