MLP is rising up at Kennedy Space Center

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a crane positions a sixth tower segment onto five segments already secured to a new mobile launcher, or ML, being constructed to support the Constellation Program. When completed, the tower will be approximately 345 feet tall and have multiple platforms for personnel access. The construction is under way at the mobile launcher park site area north of Kennedy’s Vehicle Assembly Building. The launcher will provide a base to launch the Ares I rocket, designed to transport the Orion crew exploration vehicle, its crew and cargo to low Earth orbit. Its base is being made lighter than space shuttle mobile launcher platforms so the crawler-transporter can pick up the heavier load of the tower and taller rocket. For information on the Ares I, visit


4 thoughts on “MLP is rising up at Kennedy Space Center”

  1. Wow, that thing’s really coming along great!

    An article comparing the ML currently under construction to the Apollo-era launcher would make an interesting piece. I’m curious as to what aspects will remain the same, and what aspects will be different this time around.

  2. I got a look at the ML a few weeks back on a visit to KSC. Can’t wait to see it in action when we get out of LEO (after an unbelievably stupid length of time stuck there)and return to the moon.

  3. My family are huge NASA fans, we visit Kennedy often for the tours. On several tours we have seen the old Apollo gantry and towers sitting off in a a side field.

    Are we re-using some of the old tower segments or is this a whole new assembly? Will this also house the elevator like the old days and the crew access arm etc? The old White room to the Apollo capsules is sitting over at the Visiter center, will that get a major face lift or will you use a more Shuttle style “White room”?

    If we are using some of the old Apollo Hardware, PAO should be talking that up now as there is a re-newed interest in all things Apollo for the anniversaries etc!


    Jeff Zusman

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