30- by 60-Foot Wind Tunnel testing

Last Friday we filmed in the historic 30- by 60-Foot Wind Tunnel at Langley Research Center. We were getting some shots of the new X-48 BWB, or Blended Wing Body. The footage will be used for an upcoming NASA 360 program on Green technologies. Engineers lifted the scale model on to the stage in preparation for low speed wind testing. It was only about 110 degrees in the non-air conditioned facility. I’m glad everything was in focus while sweat was dripping on to the lens.
For some cool info on the Full Scale Tunnel go to :

NASA 360 wins Emmy Award!

Michael Bibbo and Kevin Krigsvold

It was the 51st Annual Capital Region Emmy Awards. NASA 360 won the Emmy for Editing in a Non-News televised program. Both our hosts attended the ceremony. Over 600 entries were submitted with 169 nominations and only 77 winners. The Ritz-Carlton hotel was buzzing when Oprah Winfrey made a surprise appearance to celebrate a lifetime achievement award with a former co-worker.  Johnny and Jen celebrated with the crew into the early morning hours. We had a blast. We love producing this program, stay tuned for more next month.

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Oprah Winfrey                                                        Jennifer Pulley and Johnny Alonso


NASA 360 and the LPGA

We just returned from shooting a segment with LPGA pro Katherine Hull at the Kingsmill Golf Resort in Williamsburg VA.  We were shooting a story about a NASA biofeedback device that is being used to help golfers of all abilities putt better.  This technology was originally used to help train pilots, astronauts, and air traffic controllers.  Needless to say, Katherine was knocking down putts all day long!  The segment will be coming out soon with another story about Olympic swimmer Katie Hoff and how a NASA technology is helping football players and other athletes avoid heatstroke.  This show should be out soon , but you can see pictures of this shoot and others at this site: 

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The NASA 360 crew went down to Kennedy Space Center and filmed aboard the “Crawler.” This megatruck weighs over 6 million pounds and carries the Space Shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to one of the launchpads.

We also filmed how Shuttle tiles are created from a slurry mix to a solid brick, ready for installation. And finally, we witnessed first hand how NASA packs and creates parachutes for Earth and Space missions.

Head over to our 360 page and download the program. Let us know what you think, and enjoy the show!

NASA 360 crew

NASA 360 in New Mexico

We just returned home from shooting another segment out at the White Sands Test Facility near Las Cruces, New Mexico.  While there we shot a story about how NASA tests materials to make sure they are not too noxious for our astronauts.  In the picture you can see that Tom and I were smelling some of the test materials.  Some smelled pretty good, but others were awful!  We also shot a story about the Hyper velocity test facility out there.  That is where they shoot projectiles at over 17000 mph to test different material strength.  This show should be out soon , but you can see pictures of this shoot and others at this site:

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NASA 360 heads to Hawaii!!!

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In episode 8, NASA 360 learns how lunar soil can be turned into breathable oxygen and drinkable water, and we visit some of the world’s most amazing observatories at the top of the world. We also discover how NASA is helping us monitor volcanoes all over the world…

We were able to film in front of an active volcano in Volcanoes National Park, and we filmed in a lava tube 30 feet below ground. It was a lot of fun, and our crew met some fantastic people on the big island. Thanks to everyone who made this adventure possible.


Mike – Co Producer

NASA 360's Mind Body Connection

Our latest NASA 360 program is all about the mind body connection.  We take a deeper look at how machines are being used to help make our lives better.  In this episode we show how biofeedback training is helping kids with ADHD, how astronauts use 3-d to train here on Earth before going into space, how technology is being use to help people with injuries back here on Earth, plus lots more.  Check out the program and tell us what you think!


21st Century Lunar Rovers on NASA 360!

We just uploaded our latest NASA 360 program that highlights cutting edge lunar rovers. 
You can download it at:
We traveled out to Moses Lake Washington for this program. Washington State may seem like a strange place to test lunar rovers, but thanks to the Mt St. Helens eruption, it is actually one of the best places on Earth.  Turns out that the ash from St Helens, mixed with the sand a Moses lake, mimics the regolith on the moon pretty well.  Check out the program and let us know what you think!
You can see pictures from this trip here:  http://community.webshots.com/user/NASA360


Olympic Swimmer Katie Hoff and the Speedo LZR racer suit

Well we just got back from Baltimore where we shot a great package with Olympic Swimmer Katie Hoff.  Katie seems like an advertisers dream…smart, funny, talented, beautiful, articulate, an extremely professional. 

This segment of the program highlights NASA’s wind tunnel studies that helped make the LZR racer suit the top suit at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 

We had a lot of fun in Baltimore and are looking forward to putting this program out very soon….but first we will be putting out the Hawaii and Moses Lake, Washington shows that deal with lunar rovers and making oxygen on the Moon. 

We really have a great job!  It amazes me every day at the breadth of work that NASA is doing to make our world better. See all of our pictures here:


Just back from Hawaii

 We just came back from the Big Island of Hawaii where we were shooting for an upcoming episode.  We had a great time, but what a long flight!  We shot some testing that NASA is doing with the volcanic soil there.  It turns out that the volcanic soil in Hawaii is very similar to what we expect to find on the moon.  In this testing, researchers were actually extracting oxygen and water out of the soil.  With this technology, astronauts will not have to bring all of there oxygen and water with them, they can just make it there!  Who knows, this technology may be able to help drought stricken places back here on Earth too.  It amazes me every day what the hard working people at NASA can do to help out world.

We also shot on top of Mauna Kea at 13,700 ft, because the worlds largest collection of telescopes are up there.  We also did a short piece at Volcanoes National Park to find out how NASA is helping us better understand volcanoes.  You can check out our pictures from this trip here: 

Photo: Courtesy of a fan